On Our Radar: The Socialite Collection

On Our Radar: The Socialite Collection

This wearable tech startup is working to create a collection that combines many functions–from health to safety to fashion. We spoke with WiseWear’s founder and CEO, Dr. Gerald Wilmink to find out more.

Describe WiseWear.

WiseWear is a hybrid fashion tech company that is working towards making healthy a habit by integrating advanced sensing technologies into everyday items. Our company was founded with the belief that healthy lifestyles should be easy to achieve and maintain with the ease of technology.

Tell us about the Socialite Collection.

The Socialite collection, our first line of luxury smart jewelry, was created to inspire women to be smart, safe, and connected. We designed each piece with one goal in mind: to make women feel their most confident on the inside and out. By concealing advanced technology inside casual, yet luxurious jewelry, the Socialite collection allows women to monitor their health and safety in effortless style.

Complete with mobile notifications, distress messaging, and detailed activity tracking, our wearable tech-accessories are well-equipped to provide users with everything they need. Each bracelet is made of brass and plated in precious metals such as gold and true rhodium, offering water resistance and extreme durability. Our state-of-the-art technology, paired with sleek designs, make Socialite a breed of its own in the world of wearables. It is the first of its kind to truly fuse fashion, form, and function into one sophisticated accessory.


What inspired you to create the Socialite collection?

Today’s tech industry is under the misconception that consumers will be satisfied with a product’s technical features, no matter what it looks like. WiseWear is determined to challenge this belief by concealing advanced sensing technologies into appealing luxury jewelry. Our mission is to create wearable tech in the form of impeccable jewelry pieces that people actually want to wear.

We want to empower women to have the best of both worlds and obtain that perfect balance of beauty and brains, without sacrificing their individuality and lifestyle. The form and function of our bracelets make this possible, so that women can stay on top of their wellness, be safe within their means, and stay connected to their loved ones, all with a gorgeous accessory on their wrist. We hope that women will be compelled to wear our bracelets everyday, so that they can look and feel their best and ultimately improve their overall lifestyle.

What sets the Socialite collection apart from other wearables?

The base of the bracelet (aka the “Brain”), which conceals the advanced sensors, is interchangeable with various tops. In addition to this, we have also designed our data to be stored alongside other types of wearable device data sets, so you can combine all your activity in one place, using Apple’s HealthKit and Google Fit.


Our advanced safety feature is another differentiating factor. Users can send a distress signal to the people they choose in an urgent situation. They can send a discrete text message with their geolocation and activate the sound/video recording on their phone to document their surroundings.

Lastly, our mobile notifications allow users to lose the screen, not the moment. Users can connect their bracelets to their mobile phones via Bluetooth to receive real-time notifications for incoming calls, texts, emails, calendar reminders, and the like.

What has been the hardest obstacle for you in creating the Socialite collection? What has been your favorite part?

We can’t put our finger on one specific “hard obstacle” throughout the creation of the Socialite collection. Everything has been a challenge, but a fun one to say the least. The wearables market is so competitive and is constantly changing, so it’s been a rollercoaster trying to determine which features will serve the best purposes for consumers.


Where can we buy your products, when are they available, and what is the cost?

The Socialite collection is currently available for pre-orders on our website, with each bracelet priced at $299.95. Orders will ship in November 2015.

What can we expect next from WiseWear?

Right now, we are focused on luxury smart jewelry. In a few months, it could be something as stealthy as undergarments or footwear. We believe that healthy lifestyles should be easy to achieve and maintain with the ease of technology. We are inspired to create innovative products for years to come with this idea in mind. Stay tuned and keep an eye out for us at CES 2016 this coming January!

To find out more about the Socialite Collection visit their website here.

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