Melange Live Event

Melange Live Event

In the LA area? Then you will want to check out the inaugural Melange Live 2015 event being held in the middle of September. Besides an impressive list of panel members and speakers, Melange Live “will celebrate best practices and showcase new innovations.” We spoke with Team Melange’s Marcy Guevara to get more details.

Tell us about Melange Live.

We’ve created Melange Live to stimulate a dialogue between fashion brands, retailers and technologists redefining the landscape. We are especially excited to showcase the latest in tech innovations and our wearable tech fashion show.  Panels will include topics such as: social good, e-commerce best practices, how to make the most of social media, and connecting with today’s consumer.

What inspired you to create Melange Live?

There’s a growing gap between the mobile-first, digital generation and the response that brands and retailers are delivering with an engagement crisis in the middle. The primary objective for forming Melange Live is to create a long-term platform designed to serve both the fashion and technology communities providing a forum for industry leaders to meet and openly exchange best practices and insights.  In addition to planned bi-annual events, we’ll be building an exclusive community of thought leaders who can remain connected throughout the year.


Tell us about the Best of the Beach portion of your conference?

Those startups who feel they have the next best app for fashion technology and are on the cusp of major innovation can submit their app or technology to the “Best of the Beach” challenge and enter to win the opportunity to gain invaluable media and customer exposure. The top ten selected submissions will be granted a free table to present their app or technologies to the leading fashion brands, fashion retailers and technology solution providers during Melange 2015. Then attendees of Melange 2015 will vote for the top three “Best of the Beach” who will be announced at the end of the conference.

When and where is the event being held?

Melange Live is being held September 16-17 at the New Mart in Downtown Los Angeles. The New Mart is the epicenter of the fashion industry and was actually the first high rise in LA!

Where do people register or purchase tickets for Melange Live?

All registration information for sponsors, exhibitors and attendees can be found at our website. Those who are interested in submitting their app or technology to the Best of the Beach challenge can enter their one page submission via email to tom (at) melangelive (dot) com.

To find out more about Melange Live or to register check out their website here and watch the video below. When registering, take $100 off with the code THIRDWAVE100.

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