On Our Radar: ModaBox

On Our Radar: ModaBox

Our favorite fashion tech startups are the ones that combine technology with a human touch. ModaBox does just that–this new company delivers customized outfits created by stylists to shopper’s homes. Recently we spoke with the co-founder of ModaBox, Leona Vasserman, to find out more.

Describe ModaBox.

ModaBox combines the human touch with data and technology to deliver personally styled outfits to shoppers’ doorsteps. By pairing customers with a personal stylist and sending them ready-to-go outfits, ModaBox reinvents the broken retail experience with the added benefits of convenience, personalization and relationship building. Customers have the option to keep and pay for items they love and send back the rest. Shipping is free both ways.

The idea is to provide time-starved female professionals access to their very own personal stylist, making it easier for them to continue to enhance their wardrobe with fashion-forward pieces despite having less time to shop. The truly personal service is made scalable with the use of data collecting algorithms, but always married with the human touch of industry trained stylists, based in the fashion capital of the world, New York City.

What was your inspiration behind ModaBox?

Having worked in the fashion industry for years, we still find that women lose willpower deciding what to wear every morning and busy schedules make it difficult to find time for shopping. We know women everywhere face the same problem–they love to shop but often times find themselves spending fruitless hours in stores or online. That’s how ModaBox was born. Shopping should be a seamless and empowering experience for busy and hard-working women.


What value does ModaBox have that makes it stand out against other startups in the space?

There are great services out there that follow the subscription box model. In terms of women’s apparel and styling, ModaBox has exclusive access to emerging designers from all over the world at great prices. Unlike other services, we are strategically based in the epicenter of fashion with a large network of industry tastemakers. Our stylists own their own businesses, style celebrities, work with fashion magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, and hail from over 10 different countries. Although huge advocates of technology and data, we never lose the human touch when styling our boxes and creating real relationships with our customers. Things like human intuition and judgement–computers can’t master.

There are plenty of other style suggestion sites out there too. ModaBox is different in that from the moment customers take our fun and interactive quiz, to when they receive and discover ready-to-go looks from their box, our team of experts is present every step of the way.

What has been your favorite part in starting ModaBox?

Working with a great team that is passionate about our mission: making shopping a truly seamless, convenient, and delightful experience for our customers. We’re all hard workers, opportunists, and don’t take no for an answer, so it’s been truly fun navigating the startup world with a hungry and motivated group! On the other hand, the feedback we’ve been getting from our customers has been incredible. We love knowing how we enhance their lives (or wardrobes!) in little ways, and are always open to take advice on how to improve our service.


What can we expect from ModaBox in the future?

We’re excited to be growing rapidly and want to continue serving customers better, which means a wider variety of inventory selection and making sure that we truly improve the big picture shopping experience. Our plans for the future are to integrate other apparel and accessory categories: activewear, sleepwear, and footwear.

To learn more about Modabox, take a look at their website here.

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