On Our Radar: ModaVive

On Our Radar: ModaVive

This fashion tech startup has a unique business model that gives back to the community. ModaVive has created a platform where volunteers can reuse fashionable clothes to donate and fundraise for their charity of choice. We spoke with ModaVive’s founder Layne Grey to explain more.

Describe ModaVive.

ModaVive is dedicated to helping volunteer groups raise money in an easy and unique way. Groups gather designer-quality clothing in their community and send those items to ModaVive. We, in turn, evaluate each item and those we accept are processed and uploaded to the ModaVive website for sale at 80 – 90% off retail pricing. The non-profit is given 60% of the proceeds.

What inspired you to start ModaVive?

I wanted to figure out how to help volunteer groups raise money for their favorite charities. Volunteers are passionate about helping the charities they love but don’t want to always have to dig into their own pockets or ask friends to donate. So this provides a fun alternative to fundraising. All of us have something in our closet that someone else would love to own.

What sets ModaVive apart from other fashion tech companies?

The ModaVive supply chain is much different in that we receive, on average, one hundred items per donation. In comparison to a consignment shop, which may take in one to five items, our model is much more efficient.

Secondarily, ModaVive has a built-in audience based on those who have donated. They are excited about helping spread the word to raise money for their favorite charities.


What has been the hardest obstacle for you in creating ModaVive? What has been your favorite part?

Most difficult obstacle: Building awareness for the brand.

Favorite part: Helping volunteer groups raise money for charities. Hence, giving back tens of thousands of dollars; it’s very, very rewarding.

What can we expect next from ModaVive?

We’ve been working on a wonderful partnership with Mocha Moms, stay-at-home African American mothers, where many of their chapters have been fundraising using the ModaVive model. Partnering with national organizations is an efficient and rewarding way for us to expand our inventory. We look forward to taking this concept to other national organizations.

To learn more about ModaVive check out their website here.

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