On Our Radar: Revlio

On Our Radar: Revlio

We’ve been saying for years: don’t rule out SMS. We’re delighted to see that this new startup has established their business on providing new services based on this established technology. Revlio has created a platform where companies can attach a link or an SMS hash code to their products or advertisements (online or physical) which instantly connect a user with the item they want to purchase via text messaging. We recently asked President and Founder of Revlio, Todd Weider, to give us more details.

Describe Revlio.

Revlio has enabled brands to instantly connect with an audience or monetize their advertising, posts and products by simply sending a text. While at the same time we made it incredibly simple for brands to generate branded images and SMS hash codes that can be instantly used.

What was your inspiration behind Revlio?

I was tired of seeing products I liked in my daily life (on Instagram and when out and about) that had no simple way to be instantly purchased or bookmarked for later. Shoppers can’t just search “Red HUGO BOSS Shirt” and expect to get back what it is they’re looking for. Then having to sift through all the results and open site after site, especially on mobile…nobody wants to do that. Unless shoppers know exactly what they want it’s time consuming and frustrating. So I thought why not make it easy to go to the item consumers want and have everything bookmarked so they could view or share it later.


What sets Revlio apart from other fashion tech companies?

We make it incredibly simple to generate sales from 182 million smartphone users and instantly measure ROI and consumer data, all within minutes. This can be done by anybody, without help from your ecommerce team and regardless of the media (Instagram, print, TV, a product, etc) the user is viewing. That’s step one.

Step two is what makes Revlio revolutionary. We enable brands to instantly connect with 99% of their audience within 18 minutes, all without email or social media. We think owning your audience needs to be the number one focus of all brands since it’s only going to get harder and harder to reach them on social media.

What has been the hardest obstacle for you in creating Revlio? What has been your favorite part?

Our biggest obstacle was coming up with something that could be ubiquitous. We wanted to enable our users to do everything without an app or having to go to the web, (except to buy or explore the item they like), and not have to do it with 20 different services.

Achieving what we set out to accomplish is awesome. We are very proud of how easy Revlio is to use. Both our customers and their audience can literally do everything via SMS using the Revlio network – 55778. My favorite piece is uploading a photo via SMS that you’ll use on Instagram, and having it instantly returned with a company’s branding and the unique SMS hash code that makes it shoppable.


What can we expect from Revlio in the future?

We see substantial opportunity for Revlio. We are currently looking at music and sports to be a prime areas of focus. Imagine being able to instantly pull up a player’s stats without having to search. This is a big idea we have and we feel prime time sports teams will utilize this to know who is in the stands and who is not. Once they have this information they can offer promo’s and news that will instantly drive sales. For example, if sports teams know a person is in the stands, a message could be sent offering 2 for 1 hot dogs to move a surplus of inventory and special offers to return to a game. It’s all about giving the consumer a way to connect, while creating ROI. We think we are on the right track.

Check out more about Revlio by visiting their website here.

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