Fashion Tech App: Meet The NET SET

Fashion Tech App: Meet The NET SET

Everyone who follows fashion tech loves NET-A-PORTER, and it’s due in large part because they create great things with technology, over and over again. When you combine cutting edge innovation with an eternally chic editorial voice, good things happen. Last week NET-A-PORTER publicly launched their newest innovation, The NET SET app. To give you more details we spoke with Sarah Watson, VP of SOCIAL COMMERCE at THE NET-A-PORTER-GROUP.

For those who might not know, briefly describe NET-A-PORTER.

NET-A-PORTER is the world’s premier online luxury fashion destination–stocking more than 400 of the world’s most coveted brands and shipping to over 170 countries.

Tell us about your new app The NET SET, and what inspired you to create it.

The NET SET is a social shopping app for iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. It takes you shopping with the most stylish people in the world including Poppy Delevingne, Nicole Warne, Liberty Ross, Erin Wasson and more.

NET-A-PORTER has already amassed a following of over 4.2 million across our various social channels; we’re also seeing over 40% of purchases being made via mobile devices. Combining these two huge trends of right now and building our own social platform seemed like the natural next step.


What sets The NET SET apart from other fashion tech apps?

The NET SET is a social shopping app, so it combines the community features of a social network with a seamless shopping experience. It is also entirely dedicated to fashion and style.

What has been the hardest obstacle for you in creating The NET SET? What has been your favorite part?

The whole project has been incredibly exciting. Being able to operate almost like a start-up within an established business, with NET-A-PORTER as our investor, has been an invaluable experience and we’ve learned so much in a very short space of time. The best part was building a new team from scratch and watching them create the future of fashion!


Where can we get the app and does it have a cost?

The app is available now from iTunes and is free to download. It’s just opened to the public on August 27 which we are thrilled about.

To find out more about The NET SET watch the video below and check out their website here.

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