Fashion Tech Event: INTERLACED 2015 LONDON

Fashion Tech Event: INTERLACED 2015 LONDON

If you’re in the London area tomorrow you won’t want to miss the fashion tech conference INTERLACED. The impressive list of speakers include people from Ada + Nik, FORMBYTIME, CuteCircuit, XOO, WonderLuk, Styloko, and more.

INTERLACED 2015 is a meeting of the minds, talents, creators and innovators shaping the future of fashion through technology. This day long event will bring together fashion pioneers, renowned leaders from the fashion and technology space, academics, budding talent and the wider public to connect, discuss and ultimately help shape the future of fashion through technological innovation.

We caught up with the founder and CEO of INTERLACED Kristina Dimitrova to tell us more.

Tell us about INTERLACED.

INTERLACED is a company dedicated to communicating the latest developments in fashion and technology. We do this through participating in our organized events, news content and other educational activities. Our aim is to connect the four key audiences shaping the future of fashion – the startups/pioneers in the field, the established companies, academia (researchers and emerging talent) and the wider public. We like to think of ourselves as the platform for highlighting innovation in the fashion and technology space.

What inspired you to create INTERLACED?

The idea came from my background in marketing coupled with my interest in fashion. After I started researching and writing about fashion and tech I saw there was a need for such information but people didn’t know where to look for it. The final concept for INTERLACED was shaped by Karina Ismat our co-founder and COO, Hristiyan Pavlov who is our Head of Design, and myself.

When and where is the event being held?

The event is held on September 3rd in The Corbet Place in London.

Where do people register or purchase tickets for INTERLACED?

Head to our INTERLACED 2015 website to explore the conference program, the designers taking part in the catwalk and to purchase tickets. In addition, our main website features our thought pieces and other upcoming events.

To learn more about INTERLACED check out their website here and get your tickets for INTERLACED 2015 here!

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