Fashion Tech Startup: Fashom

Fashion Tech Startup: Fashom

With all of the glossy fashion apps and websites out there, it can be hard for an everyday fashion-lover to feel connected. Fashom is a new fashion tech startup that is striving to change that. We caught up with Mitali Saxena, founder and CEO of Fashom, to tell us more about that platform they’ve created and the mission of inclusivity that they’re pursuing. 

Describe Fashom.

Fashom is a mobile social platform that celebrates the everyday self-expression and unedited unique styles of real people around the world. This community we’re building is about sharing and exploring global fashion by real people—no filters, no photoshop, no retouching.

Fashom users can upload their own photos and videos, like and comment on posts, tag the brands they’re wearing, follow other users, explore new fashion ideas, share their content to other platforms, and shop through the app. Users can also search a digital global map to see where other users are posting, and find cross-cultural inspiration.

What was your inspiration behind Fashom?

I initially wanted to build an app that would help me pack for all the traveling I was doing. I wanted to know what other people were wearing at my destination, whether that be London, Miami or Mumbai, India. I would always turn to my friends and social media feeds to look for feedback on my style ideas, as well. I wanted to make this process simpler, and house it under one application and so Fashom was born.

Once I started communicating with the growing Fashom community, I realized this was about so much more than just global fashion. It was a place where real people—the everywoman and everyman—could share personal fashion ideas that mattered to them and connect with like-minded people no matter where they lived in this world.


What value does Fashom have compared to other companies in the fashion tech space?

We recognize that many of the images on today’s most popular social media platforms are altered and enhanced in some way to create a more “perfect” look. These “perfect” images can be intimidating, and promote an unrealistic and unattainable ideal of self-image. They are just as filtered, photoshopped, manipulated and unreal as what you find in the pages of a glossy magazine, which only perpetuates the already all-too-common body image and self-esteem issues that affect many women and men today.

Unlike other fashion-oriented platforms where users feel they have to meet a certain aesthetic criteria in order to post, Fashom has created a space where people don’t have to be intimidated by professional-looking pictures. In Fashom’s space users don’t have to feel shy about posting your style.

What you’ll find on Fashom are #nofilter fashion inspirations, and a global forum of real fashion-loving women and men relating to one another over their personal styles, and forming a community around a common interest of fashion.

What has been one of the most challenging parts of getting started? How did you overcome this and what did you learn?

One of the most challenging parts was getting an A+ tech team to develop the product I had envisioned on a bootstrapped budget. I decided to look for resources all around the world and found the best team members across the globe. Of course there are challenges with this model, which includes managing different timezones, but talent has no boundaries.


Image c/o Fashom’s Instagram.

What has been one of the most rewarding aspects of getting started and why?

Positive feedback from our users who love being part of our platform. We’ve built a community where people can connect with each other and express themselves without any hesitation about being accepted, and we’re really proud of that.

What can we expect from Fashom in the future?

We’re focusing on growing Fashom into a worldwide community of multi-cultural users who are connecting by sharing their real-life personal styles, and exploring new inspirations. The users will do this through tagged local and global brands, which helps them discover new, local, and emerging labels from San Francisco to Rome and Sydney.

The Fashom app is available from the App Store or Google play. Head on over to Fashom’s website to learn more!

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