Jobs Board for the Fashion Tech Community

Jobs Board for the Fashion Tech Community

Open Source Fashion (or OS Fashion) is a global community of helpful innovators working at the intersection of fashion, retail, and technology. We’ve previously introduced you to OS Fashion in various different blog posts, now we want to fill you in on something exciting that OS Fashion has been working on and has just launched—a jobs board dedicated solely to the Fashion Tech Community. We spoke with OS Fashion’s founder Pavan Bahl to give us more details.

Tell us about OS Fashion’s new Jobs Board.

Open Source Fashion’s jobs board is the first job board specifically for fashion tech enthusiasts. Our platform lists all opportunities within innovative fashion & retail technology companies and exclusively technical positions within fashion companies. Once posted, our digital team will help market these opportunities to our audience of global innovators.

What inspired you to create the Jobs Board?

Companies in our community regularly ask us to to pass along information about their open positions. On the flip side, we also receive a constant stream of resumes from talented folks looking for an opportunity in a high growth fashion tech company. Creating a jobs board is a natural bridge to merge opportunities with talent.

How do you see the OS Fashion Jobs Board changing the fashion tech hiring process?

Initially, companies will gain exposure for their company postings allowing fashion tech job seekers an efficient way to search opportunities. Our platform streamlines resumes directly to the internal hiring managers at these growing companies. Ultimately, our goal is to be the premier job board and recruiting agency for the fashion tech industry.

How do people sign up for the Jobs Board and what is the cost?

Hiring companies can sign up, and post opportunities at our Jobs Board website. The cost to post a listing on our site is $75. Listings are live for 45 days, and receive marketing support from OS Fashion’s digital team.

For job seekers, there is no charge to search and apply for positions listed on the OS Fashion jobs board. We are currently accepting listings in New York City, London, and San Francisco.

To be one of the first to post your fashion tech job at OS Fashion, check out their website here and use the coupon code ThirdWave for free listings. We are eager to keep our eye on this jobs board and see how it becomes a resource in the Fashion Tech community.

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