Fashion Tech Startup: Meet WESTxEAST

Fashion Tech Startup: Meet WESTxEAST

We first met WESTxEAST in our startup Demo Days a few years ago and we were impressed by their determination to create a global fashion brand and use fashion tech to get there. Recently WESTxEAST was profiled on Forbes by serial entrepreneur Andrew Weinreich—people are taking note of this startup in a big way. We talked with WESTxEAST’s co-founders Liya Thachil and Tania Chackumkal to tell us more about what they are up to now.

Describe WESTxEAST.

WESTxEAST is a luxury brand that promotes a more global aesthetic in dressing. We curate designers from all around the globe and create shoppable fashion stories revolving around our finds.

What value does WESTxEAST have that makes it stand out against other startups in the space?

By taking a more service-oriented approach, we have enhanced the online shopping experience to cater to the next generation of luxury shoppers. We provide a Virtual Vendeuse, which is a chat service on our platform, this allows our shoppers to have access to our expertise and be guided on their shopping decision. We also host monthly pop-up shops that are appointment only so customers have the option to see our pieces in person. Every item is made to order based on each customer’s specifications.

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What has been the hardest obstacle for you in starting WESTxEAST? What has been your favorite part?

The hardest obstacle is getting people to appreciate our unique approach to e-commerce and getting them to understand why we aren’t volume driven, but rather quality driven. The best part is working with customers one on one and helping them discover our design.

What can we expect from WESTxEAST in the future?

Our future is one that involves an expansion into the brick & mortar store, where one can come for an appointment, get fitted with body scanners, and leave with a custom piece that is theirs.

Do you have any advice to entrepreneurs starting a new fashion tech company?

Our advice is: always consider the customer. We are in a huge product driven trend, and it tends to forget the consumer, especially in fashion, so just think about the customer.

WESTxEAST co-founders Liya....

WESTxEAST co-founders Tania Chackumkal and Liya Thacil .

Learn more about WESTxEAST by checking out their website here.

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