Pioneer Mode Conference

Pioneer Mode Conference

The Pioneer Mode conference happening next month is geared towards stakeholders in the fashion community–including those in fashion tech. The impact and inner workings of the fashion industry will be explored through “creating a platform for discussions, investigations and expert opinions.” We spoke with Lee Anderson and Nicole Lenzen, Pioneer Mode’s co-founders, to tell us more.

Tell us about Pioneer Mode.

Pioneer Mode is a solutions oriented platform and annual conference that enables stakeholders to come together as a community, promote new business models, and lead the industry into a more human, adaptable, and innovative future.

The Pioneer Mode Conference 2015 explores the impact and inner workings of the fashion industry by bringing together representatives from design, technology and business to discuss pain points and uncover potential business solutions.

Our aim is to encourage a stronger, healthier community of fashion enterprise. As stakeholders and professionals working in the fashion industry, we recognize the urgent need to solve problems and improve the current systems that are undermining the agility and longevity of fashion businesses. From organizational to environmental, from inadequate education systems, to human rights abuse- the issues within the fashion industry are overwhelming. Yet the current culture does not endorse change, or empower people to speak up. Consumerism has forced fashion companies to focus solely on profit margins. Therefore these monolithic enterprises that lack innovation, collaboration, and transparency, are afraid to invest in the future. Ultimately this has detrimental effects on people and the planet.

What inspired you to create Pioneer Mode?

As stakeholders in the fashion industry, we see problems every day in the infrastructure, values, education, and rate of innovation in the industry. The conversations around innovation in fashion are largely focused on how to sell more stuff or drive the greatest profit margin, not how to create more purposefully, purchase more intentionally, and run businesses with more integrity.

We started to recognize this values-based dialogue was resonating with many of our friends and colleagues. The problem was there was no organized place for us to have this discussion, build relationships and activate that desire for change. Thus, Pioneer Mode!

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When and where is the event being held?

November 13th-14th 2015 at the Brooklyn Fashion & Design Accelerator, 630 Flushing Avenue 7th Floor, Brooklyn, New York 11206.

What aspects of Pioneer Mode relate to the fashion tech community?

Technology is one of the greatest tools we have at our disposal in order to create and drive change. We are encouraging a fully cross-disciplinary dialogue, so that technology driven professionals can find their footing in the fashion industry on collaborative teams. These collaborative teams are more intimate and thus can better communicate the needs of both. Technology will only be adopted into fashion when the technology is invisible. We need people who understand fashion to translate technology to the market, and also to identify real use cases. And the fashion industry needs technologists to help break down that mental wall of what is possible. We are at a cross-roads where one can’t make real progress without the other. It’s incredibly exciting.

Where do people register or purchase tickets for Pioneer Mode?

People can register for Pioneer Mode at our conference website.

To find out more about Pioneer Mode check out their website here. Pioneer Mode is offering TWF’s first 10 readers who register the following discount code: 3WPIONEER

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