Preeline’s Fashion Tech Accelerator

Preeline’s Fashion Tech Accelerator

Many college students who are interested in the fashion tech space can have a hard time finding the education and connections they need to pursue their career goals. Fashion tech startup Preeline is aiming to change that by offering a free Fashion Tech Accelerator for students. We spoke with Julia Macalaster, Preeline’s COO and co-founder, to learn more.

Tell us about Preeline’s Fashion Tech Accelerator.

PreeLine’s Fashion Tech Accelerator is an 8-week long virtual course teaching students about the fashion tech industry and connecting them with industry professionals. Each week covers a different topic such as wearables, 3D printing, omnichannel, UX/UI, etc. The course is meant for students who are interested in learning and growing.

What inspired you to create your Fashion Tech Accelerator?

PreeLine created the Fashion Tech Accelerator because we wanted to find a way to give back to the students as well as get them inspired about the fashion tech space. Coming from Princeton University, I had to self-educate myself on the fashion tech industry since none of the courses at our liberal arts school covered the topic. It’s a growing industry with many incredible opportunities for students. Our goal is to ignite, inspire and grow our class so that they will be motivated to enter the fashion tech industry with confidence and help to make an impact on the industry as a whole.

When is the first class and where is it being held?

All of our classes are completed via WebEx to allow students the freedom to remain on campus.  The course will kick off on October 5th, with our first class on October 8th with Maia Wojcik from Fashion Tech Forum and Elisabeth Cardiello from Legacy Out Loud joining us.   

Where do people register and what is the cost?

It’s totally free! You can register here.

What is Preeline’s goal with this Fashion Tech Accelerator?

We’re really excited to start building this community through our accelerator. Our goal for PreeLine is not only to share information about the fashion tech industry, but also to inspire the students to build a community from the course with their fellow students and the industry professionals we have teaching the various classes. Hopefully this course becomes a resource that the students can use as they enter their professional careers.

Preeline co-founders Julia Macalaster, Karen Fechter, and David Lamer.

Preeline co-founders Julia Macalaster, Karen Fechter, and David Lamer.

Check out Preeline’s Fashion Tech Accelerator website here to find out more and to register.

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