The Hearst Immersive IoT Hack

The Hearst Immersive IoT Hack

A lot of great things came out of the first Hearst Fashion Tech hackathon, so we’re really excited to be involved in their next one, focusing on the internet of things. Interested in IoT or wearables? Take note! The Hearst Immersive Hack will take place on October 24th-25th in Brooklyn, NY–and our founder, Liza Kindred, is one of the judges. Here’s more about it: 

Hearst Immersive Hack: Co Presented by Made in NY Media Center by IFP brings together hundreds of talented developers, designers and entrepreneurs to compete over 36 hours by building amazing applications focused in IoT, VR and AR using APIs, SDKs and other tools.

There are two tracks to this hackathon challenge: The Fresh Code Challenge for the individual hacker, and the Startup Challenge for existing startups.

Judges and mentors for the Hearst Immersive Hack will be Phil Wiser, Liza Kindred [our very own!], and Jason Saltzman. The judging criteria will be based on: simplicity, creativity, impact, design, and integration.

Prizes include a grand prize of $10,000, a chance to pitch to Phil Wiser and the Hearst executives, a community workspace membership for 6 months, as well as the opportunity to demo at NYC Media Lab’s event “Exploring Future Reality” taking place on November 5th.

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To find out the rules, book tickets, and to register, check out the Hearst Immersive Hack website here. We look forward to seeing what hackers and early startups come up with!

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