Wearable Tech Event: WearHacks New York City

Wearable Tech Event: WearHacks New York City

New Yorkers listen up! Montreal-based WearHacks has held successful large scale hackathons all over the world–and now they are coming to the US for the first time. What we appreciate about WearHacks is how they tailor their hackathons not to just pro hackers, but also novice learners with little or no skills. We spoke with the team at WearHacks to get more details.

Tell us about WearHacks NYC.

For an intensive 48-hrs, smart creatives from all backgrounds will learn new tools, meet industry experts, collaborate with other talented students and young professionals to build new wearable and connected technologies.

WearHacks is a Montreal-based, international non-profit organization whose mission is to make hardware education – with an emphasis on the internet of things and wearable technology – accessible, approachable and affordable to anyone. We run large scale hackathons, where anyone with a will to create can conceive a working prototype from scratch. WearHacks provides the latest technologies, mentorship, and a unique learning environment that inspires ideation and implementation. The New York City event is our first hackathon in the United States.

The current education system is linear and modeled after the supply chain of the industrial revolution, but we want to move towards an agricultural model, where we create the right environment that helps young individuals get inspired to change the future.

This was Ken Robinson’s thesis in his book The Element. We are in a crazy time where we can actually make his vision of the future of education a reality.

Over the short period of a weekend, we have had students create everything from a virtual drum that beats based on body movements to a glove that translates sign language for those who don’t understand it.

WearHacks Montreal hackathon.

WearHacks Montreal hackathon.

What inspired you to hold a WearHacks in New York City?

Well, it’s hard to say no to New York! But most of all, this came about because of Abhi Ashutosh, who joined our ambassador program to bring WearHacks to NYC. We created our ambassador program as a response to an expressed need, and we help determined individuals like Abhi who found a niche in New York to bring WearHacks events to his or her city. In this case, Abhi was a very enthusiastic student and we wanted to enable him to help educate his peers. He is also the President of TEDxNYU, co-founded Kipin Hall, and is most recently an intern at IFTTT. We were very impressed by his accomplishments, his ambition, and entrepreneurial mindset – as is also showcased on his blog.

When and where is the event being held?

WearHacks NYC is our first stop in the United States. The event will begin on Friday October 23rd at 6PM and runs until Sunday October 25th at 6PM at the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering. The address is: 6 Metrotech Center, Brooklyn, NY 11201.

Our next event will be held in Los Angeles from November 6th to 8th. Following that, we will be returning to Canada for WearHacks Waterloo from November 22nd to 24th.

To learn more about WearHacks New York City and to register, check out the event website here.

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