Wearable Tech Startup: Meet BLOCKS

Wearable Tech Startup: Meet BLOCKS

Today we bring you a startup that is creating “the world’s first modular smartwatch.” BLOCKS launched their Kickstarter campaign two days ago and reached their pledge goal within just a few short hours. As of current publishing time of this post, BLOCKS pledge goal was $250,000 and $707,342 has been reached. That impressive stat really demonstrates the demand for a product like this! We think this idea of a bespoke smartwatch is intriguing so we caught up with BLOCKS co-founders Alireza Tahmasebzadeh and Serge Didenko to learn more.

Describe BLOCKS.

BLOCKS is the world’s first modular smartwatch. Each link in the strap of the smartwatch has a separate function. Users can choose the functions they want, connect them together and build a smartwatch unique to them. BLOCKS is a new way to look at technology, by giving all the power back to the users and letting them choose what they want their personal electronic device to be.

What inspired you to start BLOCKS?

We were looking to find the ideal wearable device, a smartwatch that could work for everyone. After a lot of user research, we realized the perfect smartwatch doesn’t exist as people have different needs and different requirements and a one-size-fits-all device does not exist. This is where the idea of a modular smartwatch was born.

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What value does BLOCKS have that makes it stand out against other wearables in the space?

It already offers more features than current devices. It is tailored to you. It is future proof and upgradable, hence the last smartwatch you’ll ever need. And it is an open-platform with a large variety of 3rd part developers which all bring more choice for BLOCKS users.

What was your greatest challenge when making BLOCKS and what’s the most important lesson you’ve learned so far?

Educating people about the benefits of modularity, proving a market for smartwatches and making a world-class consumer electronics device as a start-up.

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Where can we buy your product, when is it available, and what is the cost?

It was available for pre-orders on Kickstarter starting at 5:15pm London time on Tuesday October 13th.

Where do you see BLOCKS in the future? Do you have any specific ideas about future products?

BLOCKS is a platform. The future is all about large companies making modules and giving a large variety of choice for the users which cover both their general and niche use cases.

To learn more about BLOCKS check out their website, Kickstarter campaign, and watch the video below.

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