Fashion Tech Startup: Meet Stylematic

Fashion Tech Startup: Meet Stylematic

This fashion tech app has been called “a pocket stylist that delivers personal fashion recommendations.” We caught up with Karen Song, Stylematic’s co-founder, to find out all about this startup.

Describe Stylematic.

For users who don’t know what to wear and would like ideas for how to dress, Stylematic is their go-to mobile app for personal styling and shopping. Users are able to virtually try on clothing with their 3D avatars and receive apparel recommendations based on their behaviors in the application. Stylematic is highly intelligent and learns user’s preferences over time to deliver recommendations and a style network personalized to who they are.

Personal style recommendations are pulled from the highest quality retailers and designers- ranging from big box to boutique. Users curate their style feed by wish-listing their favorite items, pulling in looks from Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and the web, and taking pictures of items of interest from fashion magazines, in the mall, or on the street. The app pulls from visual information and meta data associated with these items to deliver a personalized recommendation feed that adjusts with these inputs. Users can shop for items directly through the app.

Tell us about the Stylematic community.

Stylematic community members help each other by answering style questions, chatting with each other, sharing apparel recommendations, and publishing lookbooks to the Fashion Inspirations feed. We pull in content from the best fashion bloggers and enable users to create shoppable lookbooks by mixing and matching products. Users share their favorite items with friends and family via email, text message, Facebook, or Twitter. These interactions are pulled into the recommendation engine to further refine their choices.

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What was your inspiration behind starting Stylematic?

Before my last boyfriend, I never made dressing fashionably a priority. The process of exploring who I was through my style choices seemed like an overwhelming undertaking. I didn’t want to look like everybody else but I also didn’t want to take the time to figure out what worked for me. It’s hard to discover clothing I like, and even if I find items I like on Pinterest or Instagram or hanging off a mannequin at the mall, I don’t know whether these items would fit me from a personality, lifestyle, or fit standpoint.

I created Stylematic so that I could cut back on the time wasted browsing social media, blogs, and boutiques to find the right brands, designers, and retailers. The default option for most people is to just shop online or browse the most popular department stores and brands since they have limited information and time. To a certain extent, I want to democratize fashion and empower users with the tools to express who they really are. We enhance the shopping discovery process and help retailers to reach a broader range of consumers through the Stylematic community.

What value does Stylematic have that makes it stand out against other startups in the space?

Although there are a lot of fashion apps out there, there is no one-stop, go to practical source for receiving fashion recommendations and no app that seamlessly pulls across multiple inputs – ranging from the visual to the social–to intelligently calibrate your recommendations on a daily basis. Our integration of virtual fitting capabilities inside of a social app also sets us apart from the competition.

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What has been the hardest obstacle for you in starting Stylematic? What has been your favorite part?

The hardest obstacle in starting Stylematic has also been my favorite part- identifying what is needed and figuring out where the right resources are to build out an idea. Being resourceful is a critical part of starting a startup. It is quite the journey because the more you explore and the more you put yourself out there, the more unexpected people and experiences you encounter. Your job becomes an art form that involves collecting, sifting, and reiterating.

What can we expect from Stylematic in the future?

We would like to incorporate a diverse range of boutiques, retailers, and designers inside of our application for our users and convert their clothing into 3D imagery for our users to virtually try on and share across social media.  Please contact me at (at) stylematic (dot) co if you are interested in being a part of our program.  

Do you have any advice to entrepreneurs starting a new fashion tech company?

Network as much as you can! Bridging fashion and tech is a fun but challenging process so it is important to network to find people who can help you and merge the best of both worlds.

To learn more about Stylematic go to their website and download the app at the AppStore.

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