Techstars Partners With Target

Techstars Partners With Target

Techstars is well known for their global three-month startup accelerators, and now they’ve partnered up with Target to offer an intensive startup accelerator focused on retail.

Techstars Retail, in partnership with Target is a three-month intensive startup accelerator focused on bringing new technology, experiences, products, and solutions to retail. Ten companies will be selected and work with mentors from the Techstars network and within Target. If you want to experience the proven methodology of Techstars and disrupt retail with Target as it embarks on a new phase on innovation in its stores and online, this is the program for you.

This retail startup accelerator will be held in Minneapolis, which is the headquarters location of Target. Within those three months the startups will work out of the Target offices and be taught by mentors from both Target and the Techstars network.

Who should apply? As TechCrunch’s interview with project lead West Stringfellow said:

The focus is on retail, but Stringfellow said that especially in this first class, “We’re going to be very broad in terms of the categories of companies we’re accepting.” So he’s encouraging anyone who sees “where Target can add value to their company or they can add value to Target” to apply.

Applications are open through March 20th, 2016–and ten startups will be chosen to participate for the program which runs June 20th-September 15th, 2016.

To apply for this startup accelerator check out the application website here. To learn more about Techstars watch the video below. Hoping to see some of our readers in the program!

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