Wearable Tech: Meet Tinsel

Wearable Tech: Meet Tinsel

As our readers know, we believe that for wearable tech to work, the tech has to disappear. Today’s startup is a great example of that: Tinsel has hiden the tech in the fashion by creating a necklace with headphones inside. We talked with Tinsel’s Founder and CEO, Aniyia Williams, to share more with us.

Describe Tinsel.

Tinsel is wearable tech jewelry created for women, by women. We’re starting with an audio necklace called The Dipper that cleverly conceals headphones within its design.

What inspired you to start Tinsel?

Headphones have become a modern-day essential for me and many others, but I have a love-hate relationship with them. I use them every day, but hate digging around for them in my black hole of a purse, untangling them, losing them, breaking them. I realized that these problems are solved by wearing your headphones on the body, but I don’t care for the wannabe DJ look or the look of white wires hanging around my neck. I put too much effort choosing an outfit in the morning to have it downgraded by earbuds.

That’s how Tinsel was born. I wanted to take something that people know is a necessity today and transform it into something stylish that also makes their lives easier.

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How do you differentiate yourself from existing/potential players in the wearable tech market?

Our mission is to create electronics that allow women to enjoy tech without sacrificing their style. We aren’t aiming to create tech for tech’s sake, and we’re tired of the “make it pink” mentality that most companies have with designing tech for women. Tinsel wants to break the mold in addressing the practical tech needs with beautiful products that resonate with women.

What was your greatest challenge when making Tinsel and what’s the most important lesson you’ve learned so far?

We’ve had a few unexpected challenges during the prototyping process. While headphones aren’t new, arranging them in a new configuration AND combining them with jewelry elements is no easy feat. However we’ve learned how to think outside the box while solving these challenges and make sure that the beauty is never lost with the decisions we have to make.

Where can we buy your product, when is it available, and what is the cost?

You can order The Dipper audio necklace via Indiegogo for a special price of $149 (future MSRP $199). It’s available in Gold or Gunmetal and will be ship Spring 2016.

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What can we expect from Tinsel in the future?

We look forward to providing new designs for the audio necklace in the future, and adding more products to our lineup. Anything that we create would come from us trying to make women’s lives easier while keeping the solution stylish.

Check out Tinsel’s website to learn more and watch the video below.

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