Wearable Tech Startup: Meet Smag

Wearable Tech Startup: Meet Smag

The result of high phone activity means a user can be left with the problem of needing to find the time—and a place—to recharge their battery. Introducing the Smag handbag which acts like a power socket for recharging—and that is just the beginning of it’s functions. We talked with Hirra Babar, Smag’s co-founder & CEO, to tell us more.

Describe Smag

Smag is a company that is merging technology with existing fashion accessories, to empower women with the tools that are not only functional and engaging but also beautiful.

What inspired you to create Smag?

Smag was conceived as a convenient solution to my own personal problem. I was in France in the fall of 2013 on my exchange semester. Every weekend I used to travel to a new tourist destination, with my bag and my phone as my constant companions. After every 2-4 hours my friends and I had to make stops at coffee shops just so that we could charge our phones. By the end of the day we would have lost around 3 hours of productivity and needlessly spent ~20 Euros just to sit in a coffee shop. I couldn’t imagine staying out without my phone but at the same time I just wished I didn’t have to stop. It wasted a lot of time and not to mention the added anxiety of dying battery.

I realized that all my friends faced similar problems and frustrations. That’s when I realized that if a power socket was somehow built into my handbag, that could take care of my Nomophobia. I wanted something which would look good and fashionable. I did not want to add another gadget in my life and the hassle of dealing with more wires.

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Tell us about your handbag.

Smag is a beautifully crafted handbag with a built-in technology kit that gives user charging independence of 2-3 days through a built in charger. The handbag communicates with smartphones to show all incoming alerts through an interactive visual display and haptic notification system, while the phone is inside the handbag. The handbag engages the user by giving actionable suggestions based on the consumer’s lifestyle through a companion app, making it the first of its kind connected smart handbag.

What sets Smag apart from other startups in the space?

While most of the other products look like university projects with portable chargers, Smag has completely reinvented the handbag: from the materials with which each bag is handcrafted to value in every woman’s life. We understand the importance of good aesthetics and subtlety of technology as the core quality of a fashion product. According to our beta testers, our first bag is a very good looking companion to the technology friendly lifestyles of the millennial woman. We aspired to offer products that are fashionable yet a complete solution catering to the fashion, usability and technology needs of women, without adding another gadget in their life. I’m elated to share that we have reached our goal.

What has been the hardest obstacle for you in creating the Smag handbag? What has been your favourite part?

It is always challenging to bring an innovative product from concept to reality, especially when you are operating at the intersection of two distinct industries. Let’s take Tesla as an example.  Tesla is a reinvented car that has redefined the supply chain of batteries in order to make the whole product feasible. Similarly we have a first of its kind metaphorical assembly line for our reinvented handbag that has taken a very long time for us to perfect.

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We started with a small team having a child-like curiosity. We have experimented with different non-conventional materials and innovative techniques to bring this concept into reality. In the end we have created something that bends the fabric of predefined mergers of technology, fashion design and industrial design.

Where can we buy your handbag, when is it available and what is the cost?

Our handbag will be available for pre-order soon on our website. Our waitlist is open for early-bird sign-ups. 

What can we expect from Smag in the future?

Beautifully engaging products for the modern man along with more products for women. We have a plethora of first-of-it’s-kind fashion products in our R&D vault and we are really excited about the future.

To learn more about Smag go to their website here.

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