Wearable Tech Startup: Meet Tinitell

Wearable Tech Startup: Meet Tinitell

This Stockholm-based wearable tech startup has created a “GPS equipped wearable wrist phone that lets kids be kids.” In other words… not stuck inside staring at a screen but outside exploring. With all the current hype on complex smartwatches, it was Tinitell’s simplicity that won them SXSW’s Wearables Accelerator Award earlier this year. We asked Mats Horn, CEO & Founder at Tinitell, to tell us more.

Describe Tinitell.

Tinitell is a one-button wearable phone and smart locator, allowing kids to move freely while still being connected with their parents. It enables children to play outside more often and for longer periods, as it makes it far easier for parents to get in touch.

Tinitell has one primary button to make calls with – just press and hold the big button to initiate a call. Users can scroll through up to 12 numbers they want to call by pressing the + / – buttons.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 10.45.59 AM

Parents manage Tinitell from a smartphone app from where they can also locate Tinitell. The app is Tinitell’s command center. Parents can see how active their child is and can control who is allowed to make calls and how. Tinitell enables kids to explore further and gives parents peace of mind, while encouraging their child to discover the world.

What was your inspiration behind Tinitell?

One day I saw a child on a sofa, playing with an iPad, ousted from outside play. That led me to imagine millions of kids all over the world who were stuck inside with iPads, when they could be outside playing.

What value does Tinitell have that makes it stand out against other startups in the space?

Tinitell has basically the same feature set as its competition, but is more intuitive and has a better design. When it comes to consumer electronics that makes a big difference.

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 10.44.19 AM

What has been the hardest obstacle for you in starting Tinitell? What has been your favorite part?

In general the toughest part has been getting all of the right resources in place such as money and people. My favorite part is coming to an office where people are working together to fulfill a vision that we all share.

Where can we buy Tinitell, when is it available, and what is the cost?

Tinitell comes in a variety of colors and the expected retail price is $149, with a pre-order option at $129, on our website. We are shipping our first production in December 2015.

What can we expect from Tinitell in the future?

More products in the same category, with a Tintell twist.

To learn more about Tintell check out their website here and watch the video below.

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