Fashion Tech Startup: Meet Fittery

Fashion Tech Startup: Meet Fittery

Many consumers have experienced the frustration of finding clothes online that fit–roughly 70% of returns are because of it. New startup Fittery aims to solve this problem by providing a marketplace for men that uses big data to get the perfect fit. In addition, Fittery has launched a Gifting tool just in time for the holidays. We spoke with Fittery Co-Founder, Greg Vilines to get the details.

Describe Fittery.

Fittery is a shopping marketplace that uses proprietary technology to match shoppers to great-fitting clothing across a wide variety of brands. Using our tools, shoppers can quickly enter information about their size and shape and Fittery matches them to items that fit them perfectly. Our diverse set of menswear retailers include leaders like JCrew, Brooks Brothers, Bonobos, Club Monaco, Lands’ End, and more.

Our goal for consumers is to take away the hassle of going store to store to find items that fit by empowering them to purchase confidently online, all while drastically reducing the likelihood they’ll need to return whatever they purchase. Our unique experience will allow shoppers to compare fit across products–just like they do with price, style, and shipping–and make the best purchase decision for them.

For retailers, we’ve created a new revenue channel for finding new customers, while also creating industry-leading data products to provide insights no other marketplace can offer.

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What was your inspiration behind creating Fittery?

Some of the best advice for founders is solve a problem you know. Fittery Co-Founder Catherine Iger and I both love online shopping but were frustrated by how difficult it was to buy clothing that fits. Online shopping is supposed to make life more convenient; with the difficulty in finding items that make you look your best coupled with the hassles of returns, shopping for clothing online was often more trouble than it’s worth. After researching the market opportunity–a 30-40% return rate, which is expensive for retailers and highly frustrating for consumers–we decided to take the plunge and solve this huge problem.

Tell us about your Gifting Tool.

Here at Fittery, we understand the pain of getting gifts that don’t work for consumers. That’s why, just in time for the holidays, we’re launching a brand new feature: gifting. Consumers can make sure they get the gift they really want that fits them perfectly. Users can share their own fit profile with a friend or family member so they can buy for them, or users can request that friends and family fill out a profile so they can purchase for them. There are no privacy concerns–we don’t share the details of user’s fit information.

What value does Fittery have that makes it stand out against other startups in the space?

Fittery allows shoppers to compare item fit–just like they would price, shipping and style of an item–across a wide selection of brands all at one time. Each item is rated by how well it will fit across each point of measure so shoppers can make the best decision for them.

Our matching technology is significantly more accurate than other fit tech because we are getting better data inputs –we have a tool that allows us to easily and accurately capture a consumer’s body size, and we also use the actual measurements of each individual garment. Most competitors use much less information and so their recommendations tend to be unreliable.

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What has been one of the most challenging parts of getting started? How did you overcome this and what did you learn?

When we first started, we had so many great ideas, it was initially difficult to narrow down our scope to a manageable first step. Instead of leaving this decision up to us, we asked our customers what they thought would be most valuable in a fit solution and set our course accordingly. We learned that it’s always a good idea to validate your thinking with the most important audience you have: your customers.

What can we expect in the future from Fittery?

Our biggest push in 2016 will be rolling out additional menswear categories and start incorporating womenswear. We will also be rolling out a universal shopping cart so shoppers can add products from multiple retailers and checkout simultaneously.

Learn more about Fittery by going to their website here.

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