Wearable Tech Startup: Meet Mira

Wearable Tech Startup: Meet Mira

It’s no secret that many wearable health trackers are well, just plain ugly. This wearable tech startup has created a women’s fitness tracking wearable that aims to offer beauty and functionality. We caught up with Melissa Dowell from Mira, to learn more.

Describe Mira.

Mira is a smart jewelry line designed to help women lead healthier lives without compromising style. Based in Chicago, Mira finds inspiration in the modern woman’s expression of personal style and her desire to surround herself with beautiful things in her home and in her wardrobe. We created the Mira smart bracelet to be the antithesis of the sporty fitness tracker pervasive in the wearable space because we believe that you don’t have to sacrifice style in order to be healthy.

What inspired you to start Mira?

We took a look at the wearable space and realized there was nothing designed specifically for the unique challenges and achievements women face while trying to improve their health. We were inspired to create smart jewelry that could be both beautiful and functional. As a company, we knew that if we created a stylish product that women wanted to wear every day, we could inspire long-term healthy habits by unveiling her activity patterns and keeping her inspired by motivating content. Our mission is to revolutionize women’s wellness by helping women feel empowered to take control of their health.

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Tell us about your Mira smart bracelet and wellness app.

Mira’s first product, the Mira wellness and activity bracelet, has versatile design that allows women to wear it anywhere: office, gym, date night and everywhere in between. Mira tracks steps, calories, distance and elevation. The bracelet is made of pliable surgical grade stainless steel and comes in five beautiful colors and three sizes to meet the needs of all women. The app offers the busy woman an easy and personal way to track activities, find healthy inspiration and unlock her wellness data.

What value does the Mira have that makes it stand out against other wearables in the space?

Besides seamlessly blending in with women’s style and jewelry collection, we use witty humor and personalized insights in our app to inspire users to be more active. We know life is never perfect, so we try to keep it real with our messaging-and that’s refreshing. We reveal those “aha” moments that go beyond just how many calories user’s have burned or steps they’ve taken. We inform our user with real insights around her behaviors.

What was your greatest challenge when making the Mira and what’s the most important lesson you’ve learned so far?

Women have a unique set of challenges when it comes to health and wellness –they are constantly multi-tasking, taking care of obligations, work and family. Additionally, women are also vastly different from one another when it comes to setting health goals; our challenge was to create a wearable that was not one-size fits all. We wanted to create something stylish and special, but that would also work with a variety of styles. We’ve created a product we’re incredibly proud of because we feel that this bracelet is versatile and beautiful, discreet and head turning. We are constantly pushing ourselves to learn more about our customers and how to create products that can serve them well.

Where can we buy Mira and what is the cost?

The Mira wellness and activity bracelet retails for $169 and is available at our website. Also, if you’re in New York City this holiday season, be sure to check out our pop-up shop at Lexington and East 47th Street.

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Where do you see Mira in the future? Do you have any specific ideas about future products or segments you would like to target?

We have a lot of exciting things coming up. We plan to expand our smart jewelry collection to continue to give the Mira wearer options to express her style while still being mindful of her health goals. The Mira app is evolving with new features and will be enriched with easy-to-use goal setting features and fun ways to celebrate women’s achievements as she goes down her wellness path.

Tell us about your Pop-Up Shop.

We’re so excited to bring our pop-up to New York City. The store, located in the Roger Smith Hotel at 47th and Lexington is all about a woman’s world. We invite women (and men!) into the space to unwind, join us for a happy hour event, and to experience how the Mira bracelet can fit into every aspect of her life. The pop-up will also be the first place that women will get to see the entire collection, including our new bracelet colors.

Find out more about Mira by going to their website here.

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