What’s Up With Fashions Obsession With 3D Printing?

What’s Up With Fashions Obsession With 3D Printing?

Fashion seems to be obsessed with 3D printing these days. But why? We asked Christina Westbrook, owner of San Francisco-based 3D printed jewelry shop C Westbrook Designs, for an insider’s take. She says:

There are quite a few of us jewelry designers out there creating lovely and unique items via 3D printing–many are complex designs which would not be able to be created any other way.

The ideas that stand out are usually the most daring. Though the technology is arguably not quite ready for it, fashion almost consciously decided there needed to be clothing created.

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The stunning haute couture dress designed by Michael Schmidt and Francis Bitonti was one of the first 3D printed dresses. It was likely the catalyst for 3D printing as a viable fashion medium and received a significant wave of media attention. The way that dress fit Dita von Teese like a glove attests to how customizable clothing will be in the future.

Another exciting example is the Kinematics dress by Nervous System design studio. It comes out of the 3D printer as a complete folded dress and drapes like real fabric.

Imagination is a key factor in fashion. As a designer knowing that you can just daydream about a complex design that through other manufacturing techniques would be impossible or risky and being able to create it is a fantasy come to life!

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Christina’s designs ship straight from Shapeways. See more of her work at her website.

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