Best of CES 2016 // Fashion Tech & Wearables

Best of CES 2016 // Fashion Tech & Wearables

The hype of CES 2016 has finally died down, and some very interesting products in fashion tech and wearables have emerged. We’ve collected the best of this years CES for you. Click through the slideshow, and read below for more details and further reading!

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  1. Iris Apfel has partnered with WiseWear and showcased her new collection in health monitoring wearables.
  2. From Samsung’s Creative Labs came the smart healthcare belt WELT. This belt uses smart sensor tech to monitor a user’s health.
  3. ŌURA is a smart ring that tracks sleep and wellness. CES 2016 Innovation Award honoree in Wearable Technologies.
  4. Bragi’s Wireless Ear Buds “Dash”– “Listen. Track. Communicate. Get the world’s first truly wireless Hearable, a smart device that fits in your ears.”
  5. Hismart is a convertible smart bag that also has tech that syncs with a user’s phone. CES 2016 Innovation Award honoree in Wearable Technologies.
  6. This fitness tracker is an actual shoe. The Altra IQ fitness shoe has pressure sensors and accelerometers in the sole to measure different running metrics.
  7. The Misfit Ray is a fitness and sleep tracker that also does notifications, some IoT (can control lights and music) and uses Bluetooth to sync.
  8. Gemio is a friendship bracelet that has color changing chameleon properties, recognizes secret handshakes and is built to facilitate human interactions.
  9. IBM and Under Armour announced they are teaming up to show data from IBM Watson in Under Armour’s core health and fitness app, UA Record.
  10. Owlet is a smart sock for baby’s that uses technology called pulse oximetry to alert parents if their baby stops breathing. CES 2016 Innovation Award honoree in Tech for a Better World and Engadget’s Best Startup at CES.
  11. Helix Cuff, “The world’s first wearable with smart wireless bluetooth headphones.” CES 2016 Innovation Award honoree in Wearable Technology.
  12. The Fitbit Blaze is Fitbit’s new fitness smartwatch. It has a color touchscreen, on-screen workouts, connected GPS, and PurePulse heart rate.
  13. To track fitness activity Sensoria has added to their smart fitness sock, a sports bra with heart rate monitor, and a fitness t-shirt also with a heart rate monitor.

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Feature image from Iris Apfel photo from WELT photo from ŌURA photo from Bragi’s Wireless Ear Buds photo from Hismart photo from Altra IQ fitness shoe photo from Misfit Ray photo from Gemio photo from IBM and Under Armour photo from Owlet photo from Helix Cuff photo from Fitbit Blaze photo from Sensoria photo from 

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