Fashion Tech Startup: Meet Glamhive

Fashion Tech Startup: Meet Glamhive

It shouldn’t be only the top bloggers that are able to earn a little something for their style–fashion is becoming democratized, after all. Glamhive is a new fashion tech startup that aims to give everyone with a desire to share their #ootd a piece of the action. We asked with Stephanie Sprangers, co-founder of Glamhive, to tell us more.

Describe Glamhive.

Glamhive is a platform that enables people to get rewarded for doing what they already do—sharing their style on social networks. We designed Glamhive for all style lovers, not just bloggers, to earn for their influence. When users share a look on Glamhive and someone shops that look, they earn commissions in the form of points redeemable for gift cards to the world’s top fashion brands.

What was the inspiration behind Glamhive?

My co-founder, Gisella Walter, and I saw two things: that millions of people (primarily women) were sharing their style on social networks and taking the time to detail the brands they were wearing. And also that millions more people were commenting that they wanted to shop those looks.

This exchange between people who share and people who shop is the heart of a powerful new kind of commerce called social commerce. What seemed to be profoundly missing was giving something back to the people who power this exchange. While celebrities and bloggers routinely get rewarded when they promote brands, the everyday fashionista, the girl who is every bit as influential, gets nothing. Glamhive changes that.

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What value does Glamhive have that makes it standout in the space?

What makes Glamhive unique is that we welcome and reward everyone who wants to share their style. We are not selective about who can join, who can post, and who gets rewarded for their influence. This is both incredibly unique and, at the same time, becoming the new standard in fashion. Historically, the industry got to dictate who was beautiful and who got to be seen. Next up were the celebrities who were leveraged for their influence. Then came the bloggers who disrupted both. Today, it’s changing again – with platforms like Glamhive, everyone can share their style preferences, and everyone gets to participate in the upside of their influence.

What is the hardest obstacle for you in starting Glamhive? What has been your favorite part?

The hardest obstacle has been building a robust platform that can compete in the space while having a very small team to do so. It’s a constant tug-of-war between patience and pushing to do more, faster.

Our favorite part, hands down, is getting feedback from the women who use Glamhive. What we hear over and over again is that Glamhive is empowering. We love that. People feel good about being able to share their style and feel great about getting rewarded for doing so.

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What can we expect from Glamhive in the future?

We are working to make Glamhive the top destination to share and shop fashion online. You can expect integration with more retailers and brands, seeing more real-life fashion from around the world, and new ways to be recognized and rewarded for participating.

What are your favorite brands and styles of the moment?

Our favorite styles-of-the-moment are what real people are wearing at any given time within the context of their lives. We love seeing how people create their looks: What are their style staples? What are they doing that’s unique and interesting? It’s truly inspiring.

Find out more about Glamhive by visiting their website here and watching the video below.

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