Roundup: Tons of Fashion Tech Predictions for 2016

Roundup: Tons of Fashion Tech Predictions for 2016

We shook the Magic 8-Ball for you and found some fun predictions for what will happen in fashion tech and wearables from across the industry. Here’s a roundup of what people are talking about: 


  • Snapchat will replace Instagram as the go-to app during Fashion Week.
  • A mass retailer will adopt “smart” changing rooms.


  • Technology is the hope for new inspiration.
  • The trends of fitness bands is over.
  • Collaborations are the key to success.


  • Fashion tech will have success faster than AR, VR, and digital health.
  • We will see the appearance of dedicated online stores/sections for fashion technology.
  • In Q1 of 2016 we will see Jimmy Choo and Moncler investing in tech startups.
  • We will see the appearance of dedicated online stores/sections for fashion technology.
  • Keep an eye on ASOS and Net-a-Porter.
  • “The worlds of fashion and technology have collided and ascertained innovative ways to work together.”
  • Massive investments in fashion technology.
  • Because of Fossil’s acquisition of Misfit, “That means you’ll soon buy fashion technology made by Kate Spade, Emporio Armani, Michael Kors, Diesel, Karl Lagerfeld, Adidas, Marc Jacobs, DKNY and Tory Burch. This merger is a giant step forward for wearable technology.”


Ashley Chloe 

  • Wearable tech will become more unique to fit individuals.
  • Wearables will get smarter.
  • We’ll see better batteries.

Consumer Affairs 

  • Wearable tech will be the top fitness trend according to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) in their fitness trend forecast.
  • “Tech devices are now central to our daily lives and have changed the way we plan and manage our workouts. Wearable devices also provide immediate feedback that can make the wearer more aware of their level of activity and can motivate the user to achieve their fitness goals.”

Third Wave Fashion

  • Content and commerce will continue to merge–and as long as transparency is key, consumers will love it.
  • Some people will say 2016 was the year wearables broke through, others will call it the year they died.
  • Smart fabrics will be among the most interesting innovations in wearables.
  • The line between online and offline will blur, with websites acting more like stores, and stores, more like websites.
  • We’ll see more retail closings–especially among those that can’t compete in the new landscape.
  • AR will keep getting buzz, and we’ll finally start to see applications that make sense outside of gaming.

No matter what happens, 2016 looks to hold a bright future for fashion tech and wearables. We are excited to see what the future brings for brands, startups, and investors. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter to keep up-to-date as the year in fashion tech unfolds.

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