Wearable Tech Company: Meet Ohmatex

Wearable Tech Company: Meet Ohmatex

You’ve heard us say it a thousand times: for wearable tech to work, the technology has to be made to disappear. This Denmark-based wearable tech startup does just that–and is one of the pioneers in intelligent textile development. We caught up with Ohmatex’s CEO, Klaus Østergaard, to tell us how they got started and where they are now. It’s good stuff!

Describe Ohmatex.

Ohmatex is a pioneer in smart textile technology with over 10 years experience, founded by Christian Dalsgaard (CTO) in 2004. There were very few players in the field at that time, but Christian saw the potential for developing this technology and the impact it could have for a range of applications – health, sports, emergency services and fashion. Today Ohmatex provides products and solutions for integrating electronics into textile. Ohmatex products include thin conductive textile cabling and washable connectors which provide comfortable and practical ways of introducing electronics into garments and smart wearable devices. Ohmatex currently has a contract with the European Space Agency (ESA) to develop a garment for monitoring muscle activity for astronauts during their training on the International Space Station.  

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What value does Ohmatex have that makes it stand out against other startups in the space?

Ohmatex has a diversity of experience which many other startups in this space lack. There are many who can develop the sensors and apps behind smart textile garments – but they lack the knowledge to successfully incorporate these into a garment and connect the sensors to electronics in a way which is comfortable for users and which can be easily mass produced.  This is where Ohmatex offers expertise on connecting and concealing sensors and micro electronics within garments and in developing components which make it easier for other developers to create their own garments.

What can we expect from Ohmatex in the future?

Ohmatex is working with the latest in textile sensor technology and mircoelectronics to develop solutions which will help to accelerate the pace at which this industry develops. As textile sensors and microelectronics become smaller and more sophisticated Ohmatex is working on the ongoing challenges of connecting these new technologies within garments and finding ways of introducing these technologies into the traditional clothing manufacturing processes for mass production.

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The first fully textile micro USB 2.0 cable by Ohmatex, brings textile and electronics to consumers in a product that is fashionable, comfortable and already familiar to them. We are confident that this product will pave the way for the future consumer adoption of electronic textiles.  

To find out more about Ohmatex go to their website here.

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