Listen Up! Podcasts about Fashion Tech + Wearables

Listen Up! Podcasts about Fashion Tech + Wearables

We featured the Fashion Is Your Business podcast in the latest edition of the print edition ofThird Wave Magazine–and wanted to give our readers a list of all of the podcasts mentioned. (Not a print subscriber yet? Do it here.)

First, a description of Fashion Is Your Business:

Lighthearted and boisterous, Fashion Is Your Business (“FIYB”) features discussions inspired by recent news, useful in-depth interviews with industry notables, a platform for business leaders to announce startups and milestones, and commentary about virtually anything in between, making insights into business and technology within the fashion industry entertaining, meaningful and accessible.

And now onto the podcasts…

Other podcasts the FIYB team enjoys listening to:

Startup | A series about what happens when someone who knows nothing about business starts one.

American Fashion Podcast | A weekly conversation about the fashion industry. 

Sumo Hacks: Full-Contact Life Hacking | Offers curated resources, stories and how-tos to accelerate in all walks of life.

Natural Born Coaches | The daily podcast for your coaching business. 

Invisibilia | About the invisible forces that control human behavior – ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions.

The Ricky Gervais Podcast | Podcasts by Ricky Gervais. 

Screen Shot 2015-12-17 at 3.05.44 PM

Fashion Is Your Business podcast live recording with Olga Vedesheva from Shoptiques.

Other podcasts that Third Wave Fashion recommends:

Spirit of 608 | Weekly podcasts interviews with woman at the forefront of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability and tech.

The Future of Wearables | A series of interviews with mobile industry thought leaders and wearables makers.

Note to Self | Your weekly reminder to question everything.

Bonus time! Find our founder Liza Kindred on these podcasts:

Spirit of 608 | Being Bold Enough to Create What Doesn’t Exist

Fashion Is Your Business | Wake Up to the Future, Humans

Heathervescent | Textiles and Wearable Tech

Fresh Tilled Soil | Designing for the Future, pt 5

Easy listening!

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