Wearable Tech: Meet JUNE

Wearable Tech: Meet JUNE

We’re so excited to tell you more about the JUNE bracelet, an example of a beautiful piece of wearable tech that we have been talking about since it came out. It’s a wearable that aims to help women monitor and reduce sun exposure. Netatmo, the company that makes it, recently received a lot of press after unveiling their new real time outdoor security camera at the CES 2016. We talked with the Netatmo team to learn more about them and this beautiful bracelet.

Describe Netatmo.

Founded in 2011, Netatmo is an innovative company developing consumer electronics for a better and connected lifestyle. Netatmo carefully designs their products’ mechanics, electronics and embedded software. Netatmo industrializes with the finest quality standards and designs the mobile and web applications that unleash their product’s capabilities. Netatmo is widely recognized for its products each year at the prestigious CES Innovations Design & Engineering.

Tell us about JUNE.

JUNE by Netatmo is a one-of-a-kind approach to taking better care of your skin. Paired with a user’s iOS device, JUNE is a sleek bracelet that measures sun exposure and sends alerts to their phone to help women take better care of their skin. It features a chic jewel sensor designed by Camille Toupet on a sleek double wrap genuine leather band. JUNE pairs with iOS devices via Bluetooth Low Energy and, through its companion app, enables women to track their sun exposure each day. Over time, users will receive personalized sun protection advice and alerts of excessive sun exposure.

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What was your inspiration behind creating JUNE?

It was an overcast day in Guatemala. CEO Fred Potter was on vacation and didn’t apply any sunscreen and at the end of the day, he had a sunburn. He realized that people needed a wearable to monitor the quantity of sun exposure they can receive throughout the day, as UV rays cannot be felt by human senses. Wrinkles, spots, loss of elasticity, uneven complexion… most of what stands in the way of youthful flawless skin is due to daily UV exposure that women are unaware of. This idea evolved into creating a ground breaking beauty product to help women with their daily skin care routine, a beauty coach.

What sets JUNE apart from other wearables in the space?

All wearable technology must have two components. First, it must have a design that appeals to people. The look must be able to fit in with people’s personal style. With this in mind, we created JUNE, a complement to a woman’s daily beauty routine—and her wardrobe. It’s a beautiful piece of jewelry, with a stylish design, so that women want to wear it.

Second, it must be useful every day. JUNE measures real time exposure to ultraviolet rays, which is a parameter that changes every day. It is also a travel companion, to help adapt to the changes in solar exposures.

Fashion is essential to the success of the wearables market. We’re still in the early stages, however companies are realizing that in order for people to want to wear these gadgets as an everyday accessory, they must be stylish and it should not look like a piece of technology. [Editor’s Note: We couldn’t agree more!]

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Where can we buy JUNE and what is the cost?

JUNE can be purchased on our website for $129.

What can we expect next from Netatmo?

At the 2016 CES, Netatmo unveiled Presence, the outdoor security camera with the embedded revolutionary Smart-Sight™ feature that uses a breakthrough deep learning algorithm to be able to detect the presence of people, cars and animals. Presence won 4 awards at the renowned 2016 CES Innovations Awards in the following categories: Smart Home, Digital Imaging, Tech for a Better World and Embedded Technologies.

To learn more about JUNE check out Netatmo’s website here and watch the video below.

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