Fashion Tech: Meet Change of Paradigm

Fashion Tech: Meet Change of Paradigm

Look closely–what you think are photos here are actually 3D renderings. Is this what the future of fashion looks like? Maybe. This London based startup uses 3D simulated content for it’s e-commerce platform “taking fashion from the industrial to the digital revolution.” We spoke with Henri Mura, Founder and CEO at Change of Paradigm, who told us more about what they’re doing.

Describe Change of Paradigm.

Change of Paradigm is a fashion tech company changing the face of fashion e-commerce with its innovative platform displaying exclusively 3D simulation of garments. Miximaliste is a curated edit of exclusive looks from top independent womenswear designers offered on pre-order at 50% of the price of comparable products in retail without any compromise on quality. We don’t achieve this by asking designers to use cheaper fabrics and manufacturing, but by cutting distribution cost and passing the savings directly to the customer.

What was your inspiration behind starting Change of Paradigm?

My co-founders, Raphaëlle Mura and Philip Delamore, and I have started this venture with the idea to offer women an alternative to both fast fashion, which is often made with low quality materials, and can be unethically sourced and luxury fashion with its premium price. What we offer are high quality products, competitively priced to enable a fashion connoisseur a new entry level to designers they love. In order to achieve this goal we decided to leverage the progress in computer graphics and the power of 3D technology to change the existing business model prevailing with independent fashion designers.

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Tell us about your business model.

Independent fashion designers, even the most established ones, follow a wholesale business model where their products are distributed through international stock lists. In this model products are priced over 6 times their production cost: designers apply a multiple of 2 to 2.5 on the production cost and retailers 2.5 to 3 on the wholesale price. 3D simulation reduces product design, development and content production cost. The pre-order business model allows us, by lowering inventory risk, to cut our distribution margin. This results in customer prices which are calculated on the basis of 3 times production cost where 1 goes to production, 1 to designers and 1 to distribution.

What value does Change of Paradigm have compared to other companies in the fashion tech space?

What makes Change of Paradigm unique, besides its product pricing strategy, is the exclusive use of photoreal 3D simulation instead of photography and video. 3D garment simulation is a key aspect of our business model as it allows over-stretched fashion designers to develop a dedicated capsule collection by reducing the time and resources associated with the traditional prototyping and production of physical sample methods. In addition, it opens up new interactive experiences between the customer and the product, such as virtual try-on, and endless creative avenues in terms of content creation and format, such as Special Effects and Virtual Reality.

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What has been the hardest obstacle for you in starting Change of Paradigm? What has been your favorite part?

In the initial stage of development, the hardest obstacle we had to face has been to be able to produce highly accurate 3D simulation of high-end garments with the visual quality associated with fashion when most existing garment 3D simulation still convey the look and feel of games. This led us to develop, with our team, a technology platform combining the best of fashion and movie CGI with a particular focus on capturing the rich visual appearance of fabrics.

My favorite part in this process has been and still is to work with great people from both the fashion industry and the technology world and to see their creative energy come together.

What can we expect from Change of Paradigm in the future?

All of our efforts are currently focused on launching our B2C e-commerce platform. This will happen in the coming weeks with some of the best designers from the London and Paris catwalks. In parallel we are working hard on developing compelling new content in terms of storytelling, interactivity and format. We believe that being able to produce highly accurate and high visual quality 3D simulation of garments both still and in motion, opens the door to new and unexplored innovations in terms of product communication improving online and mobile user experience creating a new dimension in fashion.

Learn more about Change of Paradigm by visiting their website here. See their 3D simulation of a garment in motion in the video below. 

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