Wearable Tech : Meet Stellé Audio

Wearable Tech : Meet Stellé Audio

This company was founded on the idea that wireless speakers “can look as good as they sound.” By starting with the design first and then adding the tech, Stellé Audio took a mini-clutch then added high quality speakers in a fashionable way. We talked with Anna Perelman, Stellé Audio’s co-founder and CEO, to tell us more about their product.

Describe Stellé Audio.

Stellé Audio® was founded in Newport Beach, Calif, by award-winning audio, industry veterans, entrepreneurs, and husband and wife team, Anna Perelman and Wayne Ludlum. The company was built on the philosophy that there should be a union between form and function and that audio products should be a perfect marriage of high-end design and exceptional sound quality.

Stellé Audio is a pioneer in design-oriented fashion technology with wireless products that are the perfect union of sound and style. Stellé Audio’s products bridge the gap between technology and design, creating elegant, fashion-forward audio products that seamlessly incorporate into one’s lifestyle and make ordinary moments extraordinary.

What was the inspiration behind Stellé Audio?

Females and design conscious consumers have been underserved by the consumer electronics/technology market not only by the lack of available product options, but also by the lack of retailers that women and girls prefer to shop at carrying these products. Women have a long list of criteria for their technology needs including design, ease of use, quality and lifestyle usage. Stellé Audio’s foundation is built upon designing stylish, lifestyle audio products and placing them in retailers where women love to shop.

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Tell us about your Mini-Clutch Speaker.

The carry-all clutch takes on new meaning with Stellé Audio’s Mini-Clutch Speaker™. The Mini-Clutch Speaker is a stylish, functional clutch, wireless speaker and speakerphone all-in-one. Open the Mini-Clutch to reveal a mirror for touch-ups and space to carry the necessities such as lipstick, credit cards and a phone. The Mini-Clutch Speaker can also provide an emergency phone charge and comes with a cleaning cloth, wrist bangle and shoulder strap. Currently it is available in Diamond, Blue Love, Metallic Purple and Metallic Pink. The Mini-Clutch Speaker is a 2.0 stereo system and includes proprietary 2 (1.5”) acoustic drivers (stereo pair), a universal power supply 100-240V AC, 50-60Hz, and built-in microphone for speakerphone capabilities.

How do you differentiate yourself from other players in the wearable tech market?

Consumer Electronics products are often developed starting with technology then design. Stellé Audio reverses the development process and first considers lifestyle, then design, then develops technology to fit the need.

In addition to creating audio products that fill the needs of women and design focused consumers, Stellé is bringing its products to these consumers where they like to shop. Stellé Audio is partnering with retailers, who have never or only sold limited audio products, to enable these consumers to buy the products they want, where they like to shop.

Stellé Audio is changing the game with its design focused audio products and has something across all lifestyle occasions. The Audio Pillar is the ultimate décor solution, the Mini-Clutch provides fashionable wearable audio, the Go-Go is the ultra-portable speaker for people on-the-go and the Earbud Locket will allow women to cut the cords on their headsets and earbuds and have untethered, stylish, premium wireless sound.

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What was your greatest challenge when making the Mini-Clutch Speaker–and what’s the most important lesson you’ve learned so far?

We wanted a design company that was really authentic for women, and women love accessories, so we took handbags as an inspiration. That’s how the Mini-Clutch speakers and our upcoming Earbud Locket came about. We didn’t make a speaker, and then tried to fit a handbag over it. We really started with the design of a handbag, and then we dosed the technology into it. They’ve become a conversation starter!

The most important lesson I’ve learned so far is to trust in the process.

Where can we buy your product and what is the cost?

Please check our website for retailers. Mini-Clutch speakers range from $149-$199.

What can we expect from Stellé Audio in the future?

You can expect us to continue to change the conversation. It’s fascinating how most of these ideas come from the day-to-day life. I believe that women and design-conscious consumers can now talk about form and not just function. They can talk about loving the look and how it will fit into their lifestyle and decor… as well as the spectacular sound and features.

Find out more about Stellé Audio by visiting their website here.

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