Wearable Tech Startup: Meet Woolet

Wearable Tech Startup: Meet Woolet

If you’ve lost a wallet, you know why this startup exists. This new wearable tech company has created something that aims to be helpful and stylish with their anti-theft, connected wallet. We spoke with the Woolet team, who told us more about their product.

Describe Woolet.

Woolet was created to make a user’s life easier. It guarantees that they will never be worried again about their belongings. Successfully funded on Kickstarter, Woolet wallet is based on two main characteristics. It has a superslim design so users can put their wallet in a coat without stuffing their pocket. And secondly, our wallet’s technology gives maximum security and allows users the reassurance of knowing where their belongings are.

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Tell us more about Woolet Co.

Woolet is a U.S. based brand with its production department in Europe where all of the electronics are made. In Wroclaw, one of the most beautiful cities in Poland, our team of engineers are working hard to provide the best wallet ever.

What inspired you to create the Woolet?

Our great friend notoriously lost his wallet and keys. One day we decided to use existing technologies to create something special for him—something that is impossible to lose.

What sets your wallet apart from other wearables in the space?

Most importantly, every detail of Woolet is considered to make it as simple as possible. Woolet’s design is pure and minimalistic and it’s made with only the highest quality materials. Technology is an important addition to the Woolet which allows for interaction. Woolet alerts user’s through sound when they are out of range from their wallet. It also uses wireless charging batteries to provide the most dependable power that lasts.

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What has been the hardest obstacle for you in creating the Woolet? What has been your favorite part?

The biggest challenge was to connect the electronics with the app. Even the slightest change to the wallet forced the change in the application as well. This was the main reason for huge delays. My favorite part won’t be a surprise – it’s a great thing when you see that your idea is becoming a reality. I am glad that Woolet is finally made and both looks and works great.

Where can we buy the Woolet, what is the cost, and when is it available?

Feel invited to order Woolet from our official website, which at this moment is our principal place of sale. In the near future we’ll also sell our products on other marketplaces such as Amazon, Google Shopping and eBay.

What can we expect next from Woolet Co?

Our dream is to make a whole ecosystem of products which makes a consumer’s living better. This ecosystem would include high quality, well-made goods that connect modern design with technology. First, we will start working on Woolet 2.0, later we are going to focus on other products that will be charged wirelessly by Woolet Qi pad.

Find out more about Woolet by watching the video below and visiting their website here.

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