Fashion Tech: Meet Eros & Psyche

Fashion Tech: Meet Eros & Psyche

This startup is using smart textiles to create a waterproof and stain resistant skirt. Eros & Psyche completed their Kickstarter in February and more than doubled their goal. We talked with the team to learn more about their “accident-free” skirt.

Describe Eros & Psyche.

Eros & Psyche is a romance of fashion & science. The concept was inspired by the mythological love affair between Psyche and her lover Eros, popularly known as “Cupid.” Just like their romance, the Eros & Psyche Collection applies elements of their mischief, love, and lightheartedness to the garment’s distinctive mantra. This paints the picture of our client as the “modern Psyche” who exudes femininity and beauty as she enjoys living life – carefree.

Tell us about your Eros & Psyche skirt.

Thanks to the waterproof and stain resistant technology behind our smart textiles, our ladies can turn that accident into a joke, laughing instead as she watches the wine roll off her skirt. It includes a lining which is also waterproof and stain resistant. Deep pockets start well below the waist and are interiorly angled to allow our ladies to fill the pockets without the awkward look around the waist. An invisible zipper snugs neatly beneath the fabric, keeping a woman’s figure in focus. Elongated pleats and the classical silhouette are made to naturally accentuate her curves and flatter many body types. Each piece is made of a satin fabric that is soft to the touch but durable enough to withstand harsh urban environments. Handmade and designed in New York City, New York.

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What inspired you to create your fashion tech skirt?

Personally, skirts are a staple piece in my wardrobe. As a foodie, it seems I (Debbie) always end up spilling food and ruining my really nice designer pieces. It’s accidents like those that remind me how frustrated I am at the impracticality of most clothes sold in the current market. This “pain point” inspired me to use my talents to create something that both functionally adapts to the “on the go” urban girl while competing with modern styles. Being beautiful is tough work. We’re always under the pressure of looking good so I’m always thinking of the needs of real women when designing for Eros & Psyche.

What sets Eros & Psyche apart from other fashion tech companies in the space?

Bridging Fashion with Functional Designs. We want to reimplement traditional artistry of textile design into fashion design, an art that’s becoming lost behind corner cutting and financial projections. We make the effort to conserve the craftsmanship and artistry behind contemporary design. Every print is created the traditional way – by paintbrush and easel. Each color is carefully selected to suit various skin tones and each hue conveys an exclusive, luxurious air to its style. Our designer, Debbie Yang, brings with her both a classical fine arts and modern fashion background, giving her a unique skill set to create a masterpiece of style for the refined woman who deserves nothing less.

What has been the hardest obstacle for you in creating your skirt? What has been your favorite part?

Our favorite part of the process is interacting with all sorts of interesting and talented people along the way. From our photo crew and models to the responses from bystanders, there’s always something that just makes us go, “wow, this is just too cool.” Also, it’s amazing to see the shock and awe in faces when we demonstrate the skirt’s waterproofness. It’s like their eyes can see what is happening but their minds can’t believe it’s true.

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So far, this journey has been an absolutely great experience.The research and testing of our waterproof and stain resistant fabric treatment was probably one of our biggest hurdles.  We’ve run through multiple trials for different treatments that just didn’t meet our quality standards, resulting in plenty of energy spent starting back at square one. The overall logistics getting from “Point A” to “Point B” has been a challenge as well. It’s easy to come up with an idea but it’s a whole other world to make it happen. Anything can go wrong and there are some issues that are out of our control. But you know what? No matter how many difficulties we face, we’re determined to make the idea happen.

When is your skirt collection available, where can we buy it, and what is the cost?

Our Kickstarter campaign ended at the end of February and was fully funded. Now that the campaign is closed, our skirts are available for a retail price of $225.00 on our website and selected boutiques.

What can we expect from Eros & Psyche in the future?

Now that we’ve met our fundraising goal, we will begin the design process for the Fall/Winter Eros & Psyche Womenswear Collection. Additionally, we will be introducing the first pieces of our male counterpart: Eros by Eros & Psyche Menswear collection. As our motto says, “all good things come in pairs.”

Learn more about Eros & Pscyhe by visiting their website here and watching the video below.

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