Get A Clue

Get A Clue

In our years covering fashion tech, we’ve seen trends in business models come and go as quickly as fads in fashion. (Remember flash sale sites? Or wedge sneakers?) One thing has remained constant, though: fashion tech startups and writers love to say that they’ve built (or discovered) Cher Horowitz’s tech-savvy closet from the cult classic movie Clueless. Some have come close. Others? As if.

The Clueless Closet: A Primer

What did the closet do? Cher’s closet allowed her to scan through her tops and bottoms, select a combination of items she was interested in and the computer would tell her if what she picked out what a mis-match or a match. It would then display the selected outfit on a picture of her she had saved on the computer.

Here are some of the fashion tech startups who have claimed to be like the Clueless Closet (or who journalists have called them the same):

Swivel – Users can virtually try on clothes by scanning through garments and accessories on a screen that can then be superimposed on their figure to help determined whether or not they like it. Fast and easy shopping.

CherWears – Online shopping with extra confidence it will fit. Users can enter their height, weight, bust size, and waist measurements and the site will generate a model fit to those specifications. The user can then dress the model in what they intend to buy, and the size garment placed on the model will also be noted.

Snupps – Organize the stuff you have-or discover new things that you want. Keep it private, or share it with everyone.

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Stylitics – A user is given a platform on which to manage the items in their closet-and the information they enter is then aggregated and made useful for brands in the form of consumer insights.

Clothia – This all-in-one platform allows a user to input items they own, try on new items with an augmented reality experience, create look boards, and share their outfits with like-minded individuals.

Cloth – Users can add photographs in their favorite outfits and whenever inspiration is lacking, the app will generate a queue of recommended outfits based on the users location, local weather, and specific occasion.

Have any of these startups achieved Cher’s closet? We’ll let you decide who to give your snaps to.

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