Infographic: History of Wearable Tech

Infographic: History of Wearable Tech

The demand for and interest in wearable tech has sky rocketed over the past few years. Last week at our meetup we live interviewed VSP’s Leslie Muller and she told us that, “Eye glasses are the original wearable and have been around for 700 years.” We aren’t going to go back quite that far, but we did want to share with you this infographic on the current history of wearables—my how far we’ve come!

This infographic was created and shared with us by Logan Strain contributing writer for Wearable Zone. We think it’s pretty interesting!

Wearables Infographic

This infographic was used by permission from Logan Strain, contributing writer for Third Wave Fashion has been your fashion tech think tank since 2011. We publish the first ever printed fashion tech magazine, Third Wave.  Follow us on Twitter or subscribe to our newsletter to stay on top of the latest in fashion tech + wearables. Feature image of the Seiko UC – 2000 from 

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