Wearable Wednesday // Meet Wearatec

Wearable Wednesday // Meet Wearatec

Make any watch a smartwatch; that’s the premise of this wearable, through a “Smart Clasp”. We like this idea because we believe in extensibility of technology, for both sustainability and upgradability. We spoke with Wearatec’s founder and CEO, Dilshan Modaragamage, who told us more about what they have created.  

Describe Wearatec.

Wearatec designs, develops, and produces innovative wearable computing devices. With a focus on the miniaturization of wearable tech, Wearatec develops cutting edge fashionable devices that seamlessly integrate into a user’s lifestyle to keep them connected and informed.

Tell us about your smart-clasp LINK.

LINK is the first of its kind, it is a smart-clasp which can be attached to any watch. Users just replace their watch’s existing clasp with LINK to make it smart. It basically turns a luxury analog watch into a full featured smartwatch. LINK will run its own apps such as: calendar, music player, fitness and activity, Gmail, alarms, timers, and more. In addition, we will be adding a microphone so users can communicate with Siri and other digital assistants, and recite text messages. LINK will also allow users to use contactless payment using their watch (it’s the same technology that’s used on MasterCard’s for tap)—for this we are working on establishing partnerships with digital payment processing companies.

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LINK comes in chrome, polished stainless steel, gold, rose gold or black ion plated housing and curved OLED capacitive multi-touch display. The concept is scalable to various lines of products that can be aimed at different segments such as the smart jewelry bracelet market. The focus of our development is in the miniaturization of the electronics found inside of a typical smartwatch in order to package them into such a tight space. Wearatec utilizes advances manufacturing processes such as HDI flex and chip bonding combined with chip packaging to create a truly unique and flat curved circuitry.

What was your inspiration behind creating your smart-clasp?

Watches are no longer just a utility for telling time but has evolved to become a fashion statement, jewelry, and status symbol. The people wearing luxury watches are unlikely to wear a $150 smartwatch. However, the connectivity and functionality a smartwatch offers is enticing to this demographic, but has not yet been addressed by the current luxury watch market. As watch enthusiasts and entrepreneurs, we put together a skilled team of engineers and developers and set out to fill this gap.

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What sets Wearatec apart from other wearables in the space?

Our focus in on the miniaturization of electronics to create flat highly dense circuitry. Why? Because we believe that technology should integrate into our lives seamlessly and discreetly. To do this you need tech that is discreet and unnoticeable. LINK is unique and the only product that has taken the form of a clasp and allows the user a fully functional smartwatch on their luxury watch.

What has been one of the most challenging parts of getting started? How did you overcome this and what did you learn?

The biggest challenge in this project has been the electronics design. Trying to fit something into such a small space that is curved required us to develop very dense circuitry to allow it to take the form of a curve. This was very tough to do and was extremely time consuming and expensive. We overcame this challenge by strapping up our boots and not taking no for an answer from our suppliers on design limitation. We invested a great deal of time and money in the R&D phase of the electronics. We learned that high density electronics development is extremely difficult, time consuming and expensive.

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Where can we buy your product, when is it available, and what is the cost?

We are gearing up to run a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter this month. LINK is currently available for pre-ordering at our website. The pre-order price for the product is $289 but if readers sign up at our site (by pressing the pre-order button) they will get an additional $40 off of the pre-order price.

What can we expect next from Wearatec?

At the moment our primary focus is on LINK and getting our pre-order customers their smart-clasp in hand. We have a lot of interest in the Wearatec watch, that’s shown with our smart-clasp in the pictures and videos, so we are looking into forming a partnership with a watch manufacturer to make the Wearatec watch with integrated smart-clasp. In the future we are also planning on rolling out various versions of LINK, such as a light featured version with no screen for notification and wearable payment purposes. Another concept is a version with a E-Ink screen. We are also planning on focusing more attention on wearables for women by deploying slimmer designs that fit women’s watches and bracelets better than traditional watch accessories.

Find out more about Wearatec and LINK by visiting their website here and watching the video below.

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