Fashion Tech Startup: Meet Cinematique

Fashion Tech Startup: Meet Cinematique

This startup is making videos touchable and buyable, and it aims to benefit both consumers and content creators. We spoke with the Cinematique’s Co-founder, Kyle Heller, and VP of Special Projects, Sarah Slutsky, to tell us more about their cool platform.

Describe Cinematique.

Founded by filmmakers and technologists, Cinematique is a first of its kind, touchable video platform that allows viewers to simply touch or click the things they like in video.

What inspired you to start Cinematique?

Cinematique is passionate about storytelling and was born out of the belief that video should be a lean-in experience. We felt there wasn’t a way for viewers to directly engage with what they were inspired by in video, so we created a space that allows viewers to seamlessly add and save everything they touch—all without interrupting the video. The result is a longer, more intimate engagement with all things in the video.

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Tell us more about your touchable video platform.

Cinematique was built to provide a home for viewers to save and explore the things they like in video without interrupting the viewing experience. We see this as the next evolution of storytelling — a way for content creators to directly connect with their viewers. The Cinematique platform is unique because it promotes continued exploration. Users may decide to engage with the things they touched on in video immediately, or even a few weeks later. This is possible because the Cinematique player saves all of their touches, creating a way for videos to extend the life well beyond the view.

What sets Cinematique apart from other companies in the space?

Cinematique is focused on creating ongoing relationships between viewers and content creators, and pushing the boundaries of video and exploration. Users can expect to be able to access the things they love in video anytime and anywhere. Additionally, content creators are able to engage with their audience providing a continued narrative at any time.

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What has been the hardest obstacle for you in creating Cinematique? What has been your favorite part?

Our biggest obstacle is prioritizing the infinite ideas we have for the platform. The possibilities are endless, so it’s important that we are strategic with our time and resources and build our product with an agile methodology. Our favorite part is seeing content creators dream up creative ways for creating their own touchable experiences. Publishers, brands, and filmmakers all see the platform differently and it’s exciting to see all the different ways they engage their audiences using Cinematique.

What can we expect next from Cinematique?

Get ready to see touchable videos expand across multiple verticals and content channels. Our new cloud-based Editor is now opened to anyone creating video, so content creators around the world can upload videos and make them touchable. It’s as simple as tagging a photo on Facebook or Instagram. We are constantly working on new mobile solutions that allow touchable video to be experienced anywhere, whether it be iPhone, desktop, tablet, or in-store.

Learn more about Cinematique by visiting their website and watching the video below.

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