Wearable Tech: Meet ZENTA

Wearable Tech: Meet ZENTA

Here’s a wearable we can really get on board with: the team at VINAYA, that makes the wearable ALTRUIS, announced today their brand new wearable ZENTA. ZENTA is unique because it is a biometric band for emotional well-being. We spoke with Kate Unsworth, VINYA’s co-founder, to learn more.

Describe VINAYA.

VINAYA is a fast-growing London-based startup/company creating intentional and human-focused wearable technology products. We are one part research lab, one part technology design studio. Our Studio builds design-led technology products that elevate productivity, tranquility and wellbeing. We believe technology should be seamlessly integrated into our lives and driven by human-focused insights. Our Lab explores the intersection of neuroscience, philosophy, psychology, mindfulness and modern technology. We conduct research and cultivate technological concepts to inform our Studio’s product development. Through cross-pollinating disciplines and ideas, we like to ask ourselves big questions about the modern human condition.

Tell us about your new wearable ZENTA.

ZENTA is the world’s first biometric sensing wearable for both body and mind. Taking a holistic approach to a user’s well-being, this super smart accessory tracks their tangible metrics like their activity, sleep and breath, as well as less visible metrics like stress, happiness and their overall mood. There is nothing like it on the market yet and we couldn’t be more excited.

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What inspired you to create ZENTA?

With the invention of the ALTRUIS, we were able to provide people with a less tech-centric life by providing a fashionable tool that allowed them to stay connected, not distracted. The feedback from the industry was overwhelming. After ALTRUIS launched we started thinking “how can we further help people manage their busy lives?” And then we thought, the best way to monitor a user’s emotions and stress levels is to actually understand them first. And so the idea for ZENTA was born.

How does ZENTA stand out in the wearable tech space?

We truly believe that ZENTA will make waves in the wearable market because no other product can promise users both a designer piece of jewelry that they actually want to wear and a device that gives them access to wellness and their emotions. Its personalized responses through vibrations and touch allow for not only new habit forming, but improvements to a person’s lifestyle as a whole. And with the ability to share their emotional state with those close to them.

What was your greatest challenge when making ZENTA and what’s the most important lesson you’ve learned so far?

Still our biggest challenge continues to be finding ways of decoding the complexities of human emotions. The most important lesson: every single person is different, every body and mind is unique – our technology has to cater for that.

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Where can we buy ZENTA and what is the cost?

You can purchase ZENTA now through our Indiegogo page. The early bird price for ZENTA starts at $119. ZENTA will then retail for $249 after the campaign ends.

What can we expect next from VINAYA?

2016 is definitely our year. We have a couple of really exciting things in the pipeline with ALTRUIS and of course the launch of ZENTA. Watch this space!

To learn more about ZENTA check out their website, go to the Indiegogo page and watch the video below.

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