Wearable Wednesday // Meet Ringly

Wearable Wednesday // Meet Ringly

It’s definitely an oversight on our part that we haven’t featured this startup before; we’re huge fans. Let’s fix that! Ringly is a smart jewelry company best known for its notification ring but recently launched their Aries smart bracelet collection. In our last fashion tech meetup Ringly’s founder, Christina d’Avignon, was part of our expert wearable tech panel. We caught up again with Christina but this time to tell us about how her company hides tech in their jewelry.

Describe Ringly.

Ringly is a smart jewelry company that keeps women connected to the people, messages and apps that are most important to them.

What inspired you to start Ringly?

I continued to miss calls and texts from my friends and family because my phone was buried in my purse and I hated leaving it on the table every time I went out. I also disliked feeling so dependent on and chained to my phone. I thought to myself – “what if I could make my jewelry smart?” I got really excited about creating a solution to a problem while also designing something that women would get excited about wearing.

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Tell us about your Ringly smart jewelry.

Ringly’s jewelry pairs to your iPhone or Android device and sends notification alerts through vibrations and subtle lights. It allows users to customize their notifications for the things that matter most in her life–calls, texts and her favorite apps.  We launched Ringly rings last year, and now offer eight different styles to choose from. Just over a month ago we announced a new bracelet collection called Aries.

Ringly is integrated with over 100 applications, including Uber, Slack, Bumble, WhatsApp and Snapchat, enabling the wearer to choose important alerts and filter out the rest. In addition to notifications, Ringly has added step-tracking functionality to the Aries bracelet collection, a highly requested feature from its current customers.

How do you differentiate yourself from existing/potential players in the wearable tech market?

There are a lot of wearable tech products on the market today, but many of them lack the aesthetic quality that women are looking for when they shop for accessories.  We are taking a different approach by letting the jewelry lead the design process, and making the technology as discreet and invisible as possible. [Editor’s note: we couldn’t agree more with this approach!] Our goal is to create products that our customer would want to buy even if they didn’t include technology. We believe that women shouldn’t have to choose between personal style and functionality when shopping for wearable devices.

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What was your greatest challenge when making the Ringly and what’s the most important lesson you’ve learned so far?

One of the biggest challenges is merging fashion and technology together. With a company like Ringly, there are a lot of moving parts. We’re shaping and defining an entirely new category of jewelry and fashion accessories. Not only do we have to get the aesthetics right, we also have to test every aspect of the mechanical, electrical and software design to make sure it all remains coordinated.

Where do you see Ringly in the future?

Our goal is to continue to develop new jewelry designs and create new products that make women’s lives easier. We want to become the fashion brand of the future.

Do you have any advice to entrepreneurs starting a new wearable tech company?

It’s made a huge difference to bring all parts of the business in house – design, hardware, software, brand, and manufacturing. It takes a lot of work, but all parts are equally important.

Learn more about Ringly by visiting their website here and watching the video below.

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