Fashion Tech Startup: Meet MATERIAL

Fashion Tech Startup: Meet MATERIAL

This Austin based fashion tech startup has created a free online commerce platform that helps fashion brands and retailers create online stores. We asked Lauren Hill, MATERIAL’s brand manager, to tell us more.

Describe MATERIAL.

MATERIAL is the new free ecommerce platform based out of Austin, Texas. It is built by and for young entrepreneurs, especially fashion and retail lovers. We were in closed beta but we just opened up to the public today. 

What inspired you to start Material?

MATERIAL was started by ecommerce pioneer, inventor and developer, Kevin Sproles. He has 17 years of experience developing products in the commerce space. This is his most innovative and fully branded platform, encompassing the best of all current and future digital e-commerce technologies. He has a team of about 20 diverse and talented startup devotees, naturally, with amazing young women at the helm.

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Tell us about your new ebook.

Fashioning Your Retail Empire Online was written by and for fashion entrepreneurs to assist aspiring retailers looking to start their own fashion brand. There are eight chapters with subjects including design, selling, and branding. Our guest writers are so inspiring, including Amanda Assad of Assad Mounser, a talented jewelry designer out of NYC, and Brad Otts, a founding member of the TOM’s Shoes team.

What value does Material have that makes it stand out against other startups in the space?

It’s free, web themes are branded and inspiring, and the team has amazing experience. Material is a service-driven product with content-rich branding where influencers are helping young fashion sellers and creating great social media crossover.

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What has been the hardest obstacle for you in starting Material? What has been your favorite part?

The hardest part is being excited about launching a new product for so long, but patience is a virtue. We’re lucky to have some of the brightest and most innovative engineers in the world, so we’re ready to share this amazing platform.

What can we expect from Material in the future?

As we grow and become the future of free commerce for the top lifestyle brands in the country, we hope to continue to attract and provide for the best customers! We want to develop a community of entrepreneurs to connect and prosper for years to come. If our customers are successful, we are successful.

To learn more about MATERIAL, visit their website here and watch the video below.

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