Fashion Tech Startup: Meet Fitcode

Fashion Tech Startup: Meet Fitcode

It’s no secret that the clothing industry’s sizing system is not consistent across brands and companies (see this article for proof) , which is the reason we appreciate this fashion tech startup’s goal. Recently featured in WWD, Fitcode is using data to focus on the fit for women and not the size. Rian Buckley, CEO and co-founder of Fitcode, told us more about they’ve created.

Describe Fitcode.

Fitcode is a fashion data company that enhances the shopping experience by focusing on fit, not size. By women and for women, we help consumers shop with confidence, and help retailers and brands provide a more personalized shopping experience to increase sales and customer loyalty and decrease returns.

Simply put, we pair women with great-fitting denim that makes them look as good as they feel.


How does Fitcode work?

Users take a brief, four-question quiz—no measurements needed—to find their Fitcode and unlock a curated shopping experience. Our denim boutique serves up recommended styles that we’ve hand measured and fit-tested on women in the same Fitcode. We offer a range of premium denim brands, such as Hudson Jeans, Paige Denim, JAG Jeans, Citizens of Humanity, 7 for all Mankind, Levi’s, and more.

Users can browse our boutique to find styles they love, and find their perfect fit by filtering variables like style, wash, brand, and price. Our denim details provide more info on standardized measurements, fabric stretch information, sizing recommendations, and fit tips. Once they’re ready to buy, users just click to complete their purchase on our retail and brand partner sites.


What inspired you to start Fitcode?

As a model, I’ve spent plenty of time behind the scenes of the fashion industry. After spending countless hours on set being clipped and pinned—and listening to retailers complain about the high rate of returns—I had a realization: Shopping online for clothes is so frustrating because of unrealistic, Photoshopped product images and a lack of standardized sizing.

I co-founded Fitcode to fix the disconnect between real women and less-than-real product images. Fitcode exists to improve the experience for consumers while lessening costly returns for retailers.

What has been the hardest obstacle for you in starting Fitcode? What has been your favorite part?

All entrepreneurs face similar challenges when building a team and product from an idea they have been nurturing—funding, hiring, etc—but those feel inherent to the process so I’ve never seen them as challenges. For me, the biggest obstacle has been a personal one: a fear of success and a fear of failure.

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My favorite part has been watching this unfold into something that’s far greater than me. In the beginning, I had my hands in all areas of the business, but as Fitcode grew I had to learn to trust that what I’d built could fly without me. I still remember the feeling of walking by a meeting that not only did I not know about, but I wasn’t needed in. It was absolutely exhilarating to see my team sharing my passion for Fitcode.

What can we expect next from Fitcode?

This has been a great year for us! We’ve generated some wonderful momentum and hit 30,000 active users (and counting). Our team has really hit its stride and is producing amazing work. We hired a talented photographer who’s creating beautiful original content. (Follow us on our Instagram to get inspired.) We’ve been featured by publications like Real Simple, My Domaine, and WWD. And we’re having a lot of fun along the way.


Fitcode’s CEO and co-founder Rian Buckley.

We’re very excited to have just launched the next evolution of the Fitcode experience with Hudson Jeans. Fitcode has been integrated with, so consumers can take the fit quiz and browse Hudson styles within their Fitcode without ever leaving Hudson’s website.

We’ll continue to partner with household names in the fashion, retail, and denim industries—so check back with us soon for an update. Also we’ll be in New York this fall for Decoded Fashion’s annual summit. So if you’re at the event, come say hello.

Do you have any advice to entrepreneurs starting a new fashion tech company?

  1. Don’t set out to create a product. Set out to solve a problem.
  1. There will be highs and there will be lows, so enjoy the process and savor the “quiet” days in between.
  1. Don’t glorify being busy, but instead prioritize a healthy work-life balance for you and your team. Life is too short to spend it all in the office.

{Editor’s note: We love this advice.} Go to Fitcode’s website to learn more and check out the video below!

All photos taken for Fitcode by Tawni Eakman Photography.

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