Fashion Tech Startup: Meet Rock Pamper Scissors

Fashion Tech Startup: Meet Rock Pamper Scissors

Oh, what a clever name! Meet Rock Pamper Scissors, a London-based startup that has created a booking app for hairdressers. What’s especially cool is that they let customers book stylists based on seeing pictures of their actual work on real clients. The feed offers major #inspo, too. We spoke with Mat Braddy, Co-Founder of Rock Pamper Scissors, who told us more.

Describe Rock Pamper Scissors.

Rock Pamper Scissors is a hairdresser booking app which provides instant on-demand access to the latest styles, the stylists that did them and individual stylist appointments near consumers.

How do users get started with your services?

The free app allows users to flick through pictures of real hairstyles by local stylists, pin the ones that inspire them, then book that stylist. Perfect for last minute appointments or booking on the go.

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What inspired you to start Rock Pamper Scissors?

Initially it really struck us that no-one had built an excellent app for haircut booking. By focusing our brand and thinking on the millennial consumers, who require instant access to services right now, we believe we have come up with a compelling approach which will finally solve this dilemma.

What problem are you trying to solve?

We believe it’s insane that booking haircuts online hasn’t become the norm as it has in every other market. We believe less than 1% of haircuts are currently booked online which is crazy! So why hasn’t it happened? Previous apps have listed businesses – but it’s not a business that cuts your hair, it’s a person. When you talk to clients you discover two problems they have; What style will suit them? What stylist can do it? They never say they have a problem finding a salon – there are a dozen on every high street. Our app reveals local styles and gives instant booking of the stylists that did them.

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What value does Rock Pamper Scissors have that makes it stand out against other startups in the space?

We’re offering something that others aren’t. We are boosting the confidence of our users in booking a skilled stylist. We are providing confidence in online as the best channel to do this with, and instilling personal confidence for the client by getting the best haircut.

What’s been the most unexpectedly valuable lesson you’ve learned in creating Rock Pamper Scissors?

Cheesy but the more you try to help other founders and startups, the more your project benefits. You give ideas but you get just as many back. You share your network but you get to access others. I think that’s a great thing about London – it’s a really nice community working together to make each other stronger. There’s no sense of ego and competition with founders here – it’s a bloody tough grind to get a startup growing and we all help each other.

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What’s been your biggest mistake so far?

We built our first website based on trying to do a better job of what had gone before – a salon business listing site. As we got more experience and listened to the clients more we had our revelation that it’s all about stylists. So running off with our own ideas and not talking to clients enough was a rookie error. It’s a common one though so we don’t beat ourselves up too much.

What do you think is on the horizon for your industry in the year ahead?

Salon managers and stylists will learn to love online and realize how powerful these tools can be in growing their client bases.

Learn more about Rock, Pamper, Scissors by checking out their website here.

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