Fashion Tech Startup: Meet WizeGem

Fashion Tech Startup: Meet WizeGem

This Israel-based fashion tech startup has created a 3D online engine tailored for jewelry design. Their platform is aimed towards home users, manufacturers and online stores, and it’s pretty cool. We spoke with Tzion Hadad, WizeGem’s co-founder, who told us more.

Describe WizeGem.

WizeGem is a web-based jewelry design application. We connect users, designers and manufacturers and give everyone the opportunity to design one-of- a-kind jewelry. Users visualize it in 3D, and then have it 3D printed. Have you ever imagined being able to transfer a vision seen only in your mind’s eye into the palm of your hand? This is the core of our venture.

WizeGem enables users to design jewelry to their exact specifications, regardless of prior knowledge or experience levels. Users are led step-by-step through WizeGem’s intuitive design process, each 3D model type, and easy to follow directional menus and interactive tutorials. Once completed the user’s model file can be downloaded or 3D printed and expediently delivered to their door. The options are endless, including the ability to edit sizes, shapes, textures, text, and all other aspects of jewelry pieces including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and cufflinks. The experience truly is like nothing users have seen before, producing wearable art that is uniquely theirs. The only limitation? Their imagination.

Our users tell us that our easy to use application has opened up a whole new world of design to them; one that was previously only accessible to experienced CAD designers.

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What inspired you to create WizeGem?

The idea to develop WizeGem started with a family personalized jewelry shop. We witnessed the challenges of the customer and the designer to transfer a vision from their minds into a model. It was a great challenge for them to agree on a design before it went to production. We saw designers who spent hours working to illustrate a model for a customer and in some cases it ended up with a frustrated customer that was unhappy with the results not matching their ideas.

We decided to develop a simple-to-use tool that would help the designer in the first step of the model sketch. We combined our hi-tech experience in development, algorithm and 3D design together with the passion for fashion, and this is how WizeGem was born.

How does WizeGem accommodate home users, jewelry designers, and online stores?

Today the WizeGem application serves not only designers but all parties involved in the jewelry process including the home user, manufacture and the customer.

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For home users the application enables them to design their own jewelry and create it with a few clicks of a mouse. This is thanks to our integration with the leading 3D printing service providers. Users don’t need to have any experience with design or CAD tools. Our 3D design engine and algorithm makes sure all parts are in place and all relevant adjustments and calculations are done automatically, while keeping the user interface as simple and easy as possible.

For jewelry designers WizeGem is not just another design tool, it is a platform where they can design and share their models in 3D with their customers. It reduces the design cycle from hours to minutes and in a fraction of the price.

For online jewelry stores we have a unique innovative solution that enables them to add online 3D visualization and customization directly on their store website. It can then be accessible by their customers before they purchase.

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Can you tell us about your partnerships with Shapeways, 3D HUBS, and i.materlise?

In the very early stage we decided to integrate our application with the 3D printing technology, as we saw great opportunity there, providing the application to home users to design their own model and 3D print it. The concept of 3D printed jewelry presents opportunities, options, ideas, and unbounded possibilities. We searched for the leading providers and signed partner agreements with Shapeways, i.materialise and 3DHubs. Because of this we integrated our application to provide a simple process for users from design to creation. We are very proud of our partnerships and are sure WizeGem brings a new capability for simple users to benefit from the 3D printing technology.

What sets WizeGem apart from other companies in the space?

Compared to simple user design apps we offer a huge variety of jewelry types, while providing high-end 3D models similar to professional CAD tools including gemstones. We also took a more “holistic” approach from the start. We looked at the entire jewelry models space, “breaking” each type to different elements, then defining how to parametrically and mathematically represent them and how they could be combined. We thus created a tool with an infrastructure of all jewelry building blocks and an endless permutation and combination while still keeping the user interface and experience simple.

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What has been one of the most challenging parts of getting started? How did you overcome this and what did you learn?

I think the most challenging part was to simplify the user interface while keeping the functionalities of the professional CAD tools. We quickly understood that we needed to develop something different than what the industry had. We got back to our desks and developed the first 3D embedded menu, helping the user to select and change parameters directly on the visualized model in 3D. In addition, we added online interactive tutorials that take the user step-by-step in the design process and trains them on the job.

On top of all of it, we are open and always looking for customer feedback. We learned a lot from our customers during our journey and we continue to learn from them.

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What is next for WizeGem?

At WizeGem we keep evolving and engaging the technology to provide innovative capabilities to our users. I am thrilled to announce the release of our new WizeGem Customizer plugin, the world’s first website plugin for 3D online customization. Now jewelry designers can provide an innovative and easy way for their customers to visualize in 3D and customize the models online directly from their website.

Readers can try our demo here which is also supported on mobile. Our plugin can also include a billing mechanism which means it can convert any jewelry designer’s website to a customizable 3D online shop with this simple-to-integrate plugin. We are focused on providing both to home users and designers the new tool that will change the way we design, create and buy YOUnique jewelry.

Learn more about WizeGem by visiting their website, their 3D online shopand watching the sassy video below.

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