Wearable Tech: Meet BioRing

Wearable Tech: Meet BioRing

Sweden-based startup BioRing has a wearable tech product that is getting a lot of attention lately–it’s being billed as a “personal trainer for your finger.” Besides notifications, tracking activity intensity, and hydration levels, the device is aiming to be able to measure calorie input, and not just output. We’re very excited to check out BioRing when it starts shipping next month to see how they’ve tackled that challenge. We spoke with Michael Johnson, BioRing’s co-founder, who told us more.

Describe BioRing.

BioRing is an international team of fitness interested engineers and developers. We are primarily based in Stockholm, Sweden. We have been working with BioRing since 2014 and our vision has always been to create the ultimate wearable, something we wanted to use ourselves.

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Tell us about your BioRing wearable.

BioRing is a wellness ring that ensures users stay on track with their personal health and wellness goals. BioRing automatically measures a person’s calorie intake and burn; carb, fat and protein intake; sleep level and status; activity intensity, distance and steps; stress and water levels; and heart rate. 

What inspired you to create the BioRing?

We wanted to create a wearable that automatically measures all important aspects of our nutrition and health automatically, while being small and stylish at the same time.

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What sets the BioRing apart from other wearables in the space?

BioRing is the first wearable that automatically measures a user’s calorie, carb, fat and protein intake. Other wearables only measure a person’s calorie burn. BioRing measures their calorie intake and their calorie burn automatically, giving them their daily calorie balance. If people want to lose weight or maintain their current weight, knowing this crucial information automatically is a game changer.

Moreover, BioRing (as the name suggests) is a ring, making it even more different from wrist worn devices.

Learn more about BioRing by visiting their website and watching the video below. BioRing is estimated to ship to it’s Ingiegogo backers next month November 2016. 

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