Child’s Play: Teaching Kids to Code

Child’s Play: Teaching Kids to Code

The children of today will build the future we’ll be living in tomorrow–and it’s up to us to make sure that they’re getting the education they need to make the world a better place.  From the latest edition of our print magazine, we rounded up some resources that teach kids how to code. Check them out! 

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  1. CODERDOJO – Web, game, and app development classes. Ages 7-17 | NYC
  2. SCRATCH – An online project from MIT to teach kids to build games and animations. Kindergarten age. Ages 8-16
  3. THE FOOS – Learn computer science through a series of games. Ages 6-8
  4. KHAN ACADEMY: HOUR OF CODE – Help your child learn the basics of coding, for free! Ages 10+
  5. JEWELBOTS – The first programmable friendship bracelet. For preteens. From $49 to $169
  6. DASH & DOT – Adorable, programmable robots. Ages 5-8, 8-12, and 12+, depending on the app. Starts at $169.99
  7. LINKITZ – A wearable that introduces kids to programming. Ages 5-12. From $60 to $250
  8. BITSBOX – Learn to code and get a monthly package with new projects to get started on. Ages 7+. Starts at $20
  9. ZUBI FLYER – A hackable frisbee that kids build, hack, and play. For ages children+. Pre-order at an early-bird price of $79.

To thrive in what some have called the second machine age, we, as parents, should ensure that our children develop the right skills. Just as we want them to express themselves clearly through writing, or contextualize the world through geography and develop numeracy through mathematics, we need to give the understanding of tools to grasp the accelerating nature of technology. –– Christian Hernandez in The Guardian

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