Fashion Tech Startup: Meet Revel

Fashion Tech Startup: Meet Revel

Fashion is, at it’s core, about connecting with consumers. While established brands have the large budgets needed to tell big stories, this fashion tech startup has built a mobile marketplace to help emerging designers and creators to tell their own stories–while selling their products to curious consumers. They use a clever tool they call “capsules” to make it happen. We caught up with the Revel team who told us more.

What is Revel?

Revel is a communal mobile marketplace where emerging brands give users a deeper look at their products, inspirations, and stories.

Revel is much more than just an app, we aim to be a destination and symbol for all that transcends the realms of contemporary art, fashion, music, and culture.

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What was your inspiration behind starting Revel?

We were frustrated with the traditional retail model, and felt that it lacked emotion, not to mention the struggle in attempting to purchase something on your phone. We set out to create a unified experience where a user could feel like they were sitting in a warm boutique, able to digest the stories and content that matters to them, all the while, living in their pocket 24/7. We wanted to connect content, commerce, and community in the most authentic way possible.

What value does Revel have that makes it stand out against other startups in the space?

For customers Revel gives users an all access pass to directly connect with the brands they love. We deliver authentic experiences that speak to the values we share – creativity, discovery, individuality, and community. Users can immerse themselves in capsules: culture-driven stories that give them a behind-the scenes look at their favorite brands, products, and people. Through Revel customers can browse and shop our collection of crafted products uploaded by emerging brands from around the world. Revel is truly our user’s canvas, where they can personalize their feed of capsules and products by following the brands that inspire them.

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For brands Revel’s platform provides our brands with a unified content and commerce solution that drives engagement and repeat sales through authentic storytelling. Brands tell their stories through capsules – multimedia content posts integrated with products available for direct in-capsule purchases. Our brands reach an engaged audience through a new channel, increasing brand awareness and loyalty. There are no setup or subscription fees for Revel and setup is simple with our increasing amount of leading ecommerce platform integrations.

Tell us about your storytelling capsules?

Capsules allow users to experience shopping in a new way by tapping into the culture styles and stories of brands that drive our generation. Brands post video, photo, and audio that all come together to create authentic stories – capsules. Easy and streamlined checkout allows users to directly purchase products from their favorite capsules with the touch of a button. We feel that capsules will truly captivate our market by giving brands the tools they need to tell their story with unedited and unfiltered voice.

What has been the hardest obstacle for you in starting Revel? What has been your favorite part?

Working within technology is extremely fast paced and the landscape is constantly changing. Our brands use a variety of ecommerce platforms, ERP’s, and shipping solutions so trying to adapt the Revel platform to cater to these has and will continue to be a challenge. With that said, we are investing significant resources in this area, which will yield some very exciting product updates here in the next couple of months.

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Our favorite part of this journey so far has been connecting with insanely talented people, who are really pushing the boundaries of what we have come to expect from the worlds of fashion, art, music, and lifestyle. Being able to authentically bring these brands, artists, musicians, and creators under one roof, our roof, is a truly inspiring experience that only gets more special as we continue to grow.

What can we expect from Revel in the future?

We have been staying quiet and iterating our product based on some early feedback since we first deployed into the App Store at the end of June. Our product is strong and we are looking to increase our marketing initiatives throughout the fall leading up into this year’s holiday season. We are excited to continue to collaborate with some of the industry’s leading tastemakers, which include names such as Virgil Abloh, Amy Pham, and Hoodboi.

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We are currently on-boarding about  2-3 new brands per week expect to increase that number in the next few months. Our current catalog includes a combination of underground heavy hitters and rising stars such as I Love Ugly, Crap Eyewear, and The CXX.  With brands like Second Layer, Article Number, and Rochambeau incoming, we are positioning ourselves to make some big moves this fall season.

We have several exciting app updates scheduled throughout the beginning of fall, where our users will get to experience even more immersive content through 360 degree photo and video, tap targets for in-media virtual shopping, and more convenient search and discovery features. Our brands can expect to see us roll out a variety of business and creator tools over the next few months, which will include integrations into leading ecommerce platforms, advanced content creation and publishing tools, as well as valuable analytics and insights.

To learn more about Revel check out their website here and watch the video below. To download Revel go here

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