It’s Time For Less Engagement

It’s Time For Less Engagement

This piece by our founder, Liza Kindred, originally appeared in our print magazine. 

For far too long, “engagement” has been measured by how much time is spent on our websites, how many pages we can get someone to visit, or how many clicks we can manage to get. Link bait and Outbrain and hyper-optimized headlines have taken over the best of sites.

You may have started to feel the growing backlash against this nonsense—driven in large part by exhaustion, but fueled also by the desire to do better. When we know our customers, and know what they want, we can get them what they need in less clicks, not more. When we build apps that function well, people can spend less time in them, not more. Some of the best wearables on the market today let people get the information they need without even glancing at their phones.

This is real engagement: letting people stay engaged in their own lives, and asking less of them. Success isn’t making people click twelve times on your website to find what they need—it’s supporting them in being more human, more engaged in the reality of everyday life.

Yes, this can seem like throwing convention on it’s head, but I suggest that this is what’s needed today. Ask yourself: when might less engagement mean more success for your brand? 

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This article was written by our founder Liza Kindred and was originally published in Issue 03 of our fashion tech print magazine, Third Wave Magazine. Interested in fashion tech and wearables? This magazine is for you!

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