Telekom Fashion Fusion Challenge

Telekom Fashion Fusion Challenge

The Telekom Fashion Fusion Challenge is an international challenge to find the fashion tech designers of the future. Last month twelve finalist projects were chosen from all over Europe and are now working in the Fashion Fusion Lab in Berlin. Lisa Lang of ElektroCouture is the curator of the project and Deutsche Telekom is the challenge sponsor.

At the center of the program is a three month workshop:

The heart of the Challenge is the Fashion Fusion Lab: a three-month workshop in which selected teams will work on fine-tuning their fashion concepts. Together with experts from industry and specialists in the areas of innovative fashion and technology, the teams will produce high-quality prototypes of their concepts. The participants can draw upon the Lab’s significant expertise and will be given accommodation and all the necessary materials they need to bring their ideas to life. The Lab is an open innovation platform that is supported by hub:raum, Deutsche Telekom’s incubator.

Judges for the Fashion Fusion Challenge include creative minds from companies such as: WIRED Germany, Adidas, and Intel. The prototypes will be presented at #FASHIONTECH during Berlin Fashion Week in January 2017. The team that wins will show their work at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, receive €20,000, and “have the opportunity to bring its creation to market, together with Deutsche Telekom and its partners.”

Here are a few of the finalists, and what they’re currently working on:


Digitally Enhanced Fashion // Articulated Dress – This dress’s appearance will be created to change it’s appearance in structure and shape which will be stimulated by the wearer’s touch. The interactive surface of the Articulated Dress will be able “to be modeled and altered, so that the silhouette temporarily changes.” The creators are designer and artist Dagmar Kestner and fashion designer Prisca Vilsbøl.



Performance // MusicSuit – This project will be created to appeal to artists, musicians, and dancers. The MusicSuit aims to allow the wearer to use their entire body as a music instrument. It will also vary sound parameters and control individual elements of a music track. The creators are fashion designer Greta Melnik and software engineer Lukas Hartmann.



Smart Textiles // Yuma – This project aims to empower (literally) backpack travelers by enabling them to “generate solar energy themselves in a sustainable manner.” Yuma plans on doing this by integrating lightweight solar cells in multifunctional outdoor products thus giving the user electricity for charging devices, lights, etc. Creators are Theresia Uhrlau and Julia Schröder.



Connected Sports // Trainwear – This concept is a modular software system designed to develop sensors that are integrated into a person’s clothing (on different areas of the body) while they are performing sports. During training, the wearer will be able to see: “breathing, muscle contraction, balance and pulse as well as how well they perform on the exercise.” The creators of Trainwear are Gernot Bahle, Bo Zhou, and Lorenzo Fürg with the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence.



High Fashion // TranSwarm Entities – This team is creating a sculptural fashion piece that is pretty unique. Using small 3D printed fragments that will fly like drones, this piece aims to have individual pieces that “are able to match the tones from the motors to the melodies of electronic music, presented as a spectacular performance” and controlled on a smart phone. The creators are fashion designer Maartje Dijkstra and Beorn Lebenstedt.

We are excited to see the prototypes these finalists come up with in January! Learn more about the Telekom Fashion Fusion Challenge by going here. See how the Lab is going so far by watching the slideshow below.

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