Wearable Tech Startup: Meet Amazfit

Wearable Tech Startup: Meet Amazfit

This wearable tech startup is aiming to make their wearable lightweight, fashionable, and above all, helpful to a user’s health. “Fashion meets fitness,” as they say. We spoke with Amazfit’s Head of US Marketing and Sales, Frederk Hermann, who told us more.

Describe Amazfit.

Launched in 2016, Amazfit is a US-based wearable technology company with a mission to seamlessly connect people’s biomechanical signals and daily activities with smart data services to promote healthy living. With the most lightweight and subtle smart wearable on the market, its line of fashionable activity trackers, including the Moonbeam and the Equator, effortlessly track activity without sacrificing style.

What inspired you to start Amazfit?

Amazfit’s technology is the market leader in China by a huge margin having sold more than 24 million Mi Band activity trackers through its partnership with Xiaomi. In the US, there is a largely untapped market opportunity for wearable technology that looks like jewelry, blends in with people’s unique style and doesn’t weigh down the wrist. With Amazfit’s success in Asia to date, unique design and the huge demand for activity trackers here in the US, this puts us in a very strong position as we establish the Amazfit brand within the US market.

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Tell us about your products.

Amazfit is a stylish, slim and sleek activity tracker that allows people to track and record steps, distance, and calories burned, monitor sleep quality and receive incoming call vibration alerts.

Disguised as a fashion accessory, Amazfit delivers cutting-edge capabilities and data-rich features, including new generation ADI sensors, a 10-day battery life, and wireless charging — all without sacrificing style. Inspired by the traditional Chinese jade pendant, each hypoallergenic ceramic casing undergoes 30 manufacturing procedures and is polished more than 120,000 times to achieve the perfect shine and luster. Its hardness is second only to diamond and sapphire, creating a long-lasting, luminescent, and strong surface.

Designed to wear for any occasion, casual or formal, Amazfit emphasizes style, simplicity, and versatility for men and women with a variety of wristband and necklace options featuring elegant metal and leather details. Amazfit is available in two wristband styles: Equator and Moonbeam.

Other accessories available, but sold separately, include a Sport Band (black), slim Rainbow Band (Blush), and Infinity Necklace (silver and black).

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What sets the Amazfit wearables apart from other wearables in the space?

Less is more. Without sacrificing cutting edge capabilities and data-rich features, the Amazfit is one of the slimmest, most lightweight activity trackers on the market. Other trackers can be heavy and bulky, difficult to fit under long sleeves, and uncomfortable for sleeping. Amazfit emphasizes style, versatility, and accessibility for men and women with a variety of band and necklace options featuring high end metal and leather details. The Amazfit is the perfect activity tracking accessory for any occasion, casual or formal.

What has been one of the most challenging parts of getting started? How did you overcome this and what did you learn?

We came up with the idea of this pure, minimal and seamless form for the core module. The realization of the original design intention was the biggest challenge though. Our engineers had to source for the smallest possible components and customize many parts such as the battery to fit into this small form factor. In order to avoid any ports or pins on the module, we decided for a wireless charging mechanism. And our hardware engineers also successfully controlled the tolerance under 0.05mm in order to achieve the near invisible seam between the top and bottom half of the module.

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Where can we buy your products, when are they available, and what is the cost?

Amazfit can be purchased on Amazon for $79.

What can we expect next from Amazfit?

We are continually developing next-generation designs and accessories under our Amazfit product line and are actively seeking partnerships with design, lifestyle and technology brands. Other products in the wearable technology and IoT space will be released over the upcoming months as well.

Check out Amazfit’s website and watch the video below to learn more.

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