Wearable Tech Startup: Meet Say Wearables

Wearable Tech Startup: Meet Say Wearables

This Israel-based wearable tech startup is aiming to be the world’s first wearable social media platform with their social smart jewelry. It’s definitely worth checking out! We talked to Uri Keren, co-founder of Say Wearables, who told us more about their technology and platform.  

Describe Say Wearables.

Founded in 2014, Say Wearables has embarked on a mission to address the emotional human need for self-expression and social interaction. Our mission is simple yet bold: to make wearables cool and relevant by integrating social media and wearable tech in a way that will excite the imagination of users and create a new type of ecosystem. In this ecosystem brands and media partners will reach and engage their audience.

Our innovation is grouped into two new categories: Social Wearables, wearable technology that targets social interaction; and Wearable Media, digital media which is intended for display on our wearable accessories facing outwards. Our new social models allow users to wear and share digital media and allow celebrities and brands to engage with their audiences in a way never done before.

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What was your inspiration behind creating Say Wearables?

The Say Wearables team is made up of seasoned entrepreneurs and multi-skilled tech and design enthusiasts who love to explore potential applications at the intersection of ubiquitous computing and social networking. We believe in the possibility for wearable devices to be at the forefront of human social interaction and self-expression. Say Wearables is backed by an international group of top angel investors and executives from Google, Facebook and Samsung.

Tell us about your SAY wearable.

SAY is a revolutionary concept that re-imagines social communication by combining fashion, wearable technology, digital media and a social platform to bring our digital stories to the physical world. SAY Wearable is a state-of- the-art connected wearable with an outwards facing color display that is embed into compatible fashionable accessories and is connected via Bluetooth to the SAY App. The SAY App is a gateway to a digital media marketplace and to a social platform. SAY transforms wearables into a fashionable social platform. Users can use the App to create their own SAY messages or import any digital content from their social networks, downloaded with a click of a button to their SAY Wearable to “SAY, Wear, Share”.

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What sets SAY apart from other wearables in the space?

Wearable device manufacturers have been targeting the consumer health and infotainment markets with little regard to the unique needs, styles, and habits of young adults—a substantial and as yet untapped segment in the wearables market. SAY was designed for the tech-addicted young adults, engaging with their lifestyle, social behavior, fashion preferences, and communication habits.

What has been one of the most challenging parts of getting started? How did you overcome this and what did you learn?

As we developed our SAY platform, we followed the wearables market closely and learned from the challenges of introducing new devices such as smartwatches and activity bands. We’ve also worked closely with our target users to understand their specific needs. As part of our validation and market testing process we’ve developed several models of the SAY Wearable and the companion App and tested them with users. We’re currently preparing to launch the first generation of our SAY platform.

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Where can we buy the SAY, when is it available, and what is the cost?

SAY is available for preorder on our website at a discounted price. Shipping is estimated in December 2016.

What can we expect next from Say Wearables?

Say’s wearable technology and social platform will evolve over time. We’ve created and released to market the first generation but have plans to continue and evolve.

Check out Say Wearables website and watch the video below to learn more.

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